2018 wrap skirts: fashion trends

Women's fashion does not stand still. Couturiers regularly offer modern fashionable novelties that will declare an exceptional sense of style of their owner and help her stand out from the crowd. Many products have earned the title of timeless trend. These include the wrap skirt, which has gained wide popularity in the last season and comes off the photo in fashion magazines.

Fashion trends

Stylish and elegant skirt is able to transform any girl, making her look more sophisticated and feminine. Most global designers have added a wraparound skirt to their collections, making it a major trend. Among the variety of products, each girl will be able to find an option suitable for any occasion and weather.

Special attention should be paid to the color palette. In the 2018-2019 season, fashion designers presented a wide range of both neutral and saturated colors .

Classic colors:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • Gray;
  • brown;
  • beige.

Saturated shades:

  • red and its derivatives (the main model of the season );
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • green;
  • yellow.

When choosing additional jewelry, the views of manufacturers are different. Some in their collections observe minimalism, recommending fashionistas to choose products without bright inserts and additions. Many couturiers have added not only a standard belt, but also a lot of decor.


  • fur inserts;
  • fringe;
  • bright applications on the entire surface of the skirt;
  • cell.

With such diversity, each woman will be able to find the best option for any style and ensemble.

Reference. Particular attention should be paid to products decorated in the style of patchwork. This type of decor has been widely used in the design of collections of fashionable outfits.


Professionals approached the choice of model with special attention. Among the variety, there is a wide selection of odor styles that are suitable for any occasion and type of figure.

  • Products of direct cut to the floor . This option will be the best choice for an evening combination.
  • Pencil - the most popular style in the current season. The length of the skirt varies below or above the knee. It can be combined in any ensemble, depending on the color texture and decoration.
  • The style of the sun is not inferior to a pencil. The most successful choice is the length of the midi - the most popular type of skirt.
  • A straight-cut skirt is presented in any length and for any occasion.
  • Flare is very popular in recent seasons. This style has returned to fashion and does not plan to take a leading position. Special attention should be paid to a skirt with a smell below the knee with a slightly flared hem.
  • The tulip style is particularly feminine. The inverted V-neckline allows you to emphasize the hip area and the harmony of the legs.

Attention! When choosing a style, personal parameters of the figure should be considered.

Summer and winter version of the wrap skirt

The great advantage of a wraparound product is its versatility. Among the presented variety, one can find an option suitable for both cold and warm weather.


In a hot summer period, a skirt from a light flowing style is suitable. It favorably emphasizes the beauty of the legs and complements any ensemble.

When choosing a material, it is better to focus on cotton or chiffon . They will help the skin in obtaining the necessary air and removing moisture, so that in such a skirt it will not be hot. In choosing a model, any style will do.

  • A skirt on the floor will be a competent addition to a trip to the beach or to a disco .
  • The style of the sun will be the best option for everyday or feminine style.
  • The mini will help the legs to tan and transform the everyday combination for a walk around the city or an evening outfit for going to a night club.

In winter

In winter cold, many girls prefer to use trousers to reliably keep warm. Many designers offer a whole line of wrap skirts that are suitable for winter weather. As materials, attention should be paid to leather, suede, wool and knitwear . With the right selection of skirts and outerwear, you can use this product in any combination of outfits.

Different wrap skirts

When selecting material, fashion designers offer a wide range of textures. Here you can find the best option for warm weather, a frosty evening, a trip to the beach or social events.

  • Tweed products in the last season are a key trend . A wide selection of colors will help in choosing a skirt for any occasion: from everyday walks to a romantic meeting.
  • Leather and suede are the most suitable material for a classic style. Skirts from a neutral color scheme without the presence of bright additional accessories on the surface will be the right choice for a strict office outfit. This list also includes wool and knitwear. They are not only a stylish element of the image, but also warm in cold weather.
  • Silk reappeared on the fashion catwalk. In the current season, it is used both for clothes and shoes. A competent option for using a silk skirt with a smell is to visit a social evening: a dinner party, a party, a business appearance.
  • Fatin does not leave the leading position for several years. A tulle midi product is suitable for lovers of feminine and romantic looks. It will come in handy in a casual or feminine style. Versatility should be highlighted separately: it is possible to combine tulle products with both heels and sports shoes.
  • The main direction of cotton products is hot summer weather. Cotton has good wear resistance, quickly absorbs excess moisture and supplies the skin with the necessary oxygen. A pencil skirt is suitable for classics, a tulip with a bright ornament - for visiting a disco, the sun - for a romantic meeting.
  • Wool and knitwear are indispensable companions of any fashionista in cool weather. When choosing a product, you should rely on the features of the model and combination.

Help Knitted wrap skirts are in great demand in casual style. A slightly narrowed skirt with a scent of midi length, decorated with braids, is suitable for shoes with heels or men's clothing.

Fashion News

Despite the fact that a skirt with a smell has been part of the basis of women's wardrobe for quite a long time, fashion designers do not cease to amaze their clients. Many fashion houses offer bright fashion news, changing styles and direction.

  • Skirts and dresses of a sports cut began to occupy strong positions in the wardrobe of girls . They help maintain a sense of style with maximum convenience and comfort. Long monophonic products with the smell of knitted materials will be appreciated by lovers to combine incongruous.
  • Additional fittings and accessories help make the outfit full and unique. Most couturiers have departed from tradition and have replaced the familiar belt with new fasteners . For example, two rows of buttons are not only a decorative element, but also help to adjust the wardrobe item according to the features of the figure.
  • A bold and stylish phenomenon was the wraparound skirt. This product is suitable for girls with any type of figure. Versatility allows you to use a skirt pants in any situation with any style.

Women's wardrobe is replaced with enviable regularity. Some products occupy strong positions, being the main ones in any cabinet. These include the wrap skirt - an indispensable element of the feminine style, which from season to season is a fashionable and stylish trend.