Yves Saint Laurent offers a very original theme of jewelry in 2019

Fashion is not only capricious lady. She loves scandals no less than her whims. Perhaps that is why well-known designers often work, as they say, on the verge of a foul, and sometimes they clearly defend the established decency line. And they do this not only when tailoring, combining or choosing color combinations for clothes. Ornaments add their own “peppercorn”, making the image especially piquant. For example, what came up in the fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent.

Scandalous Earrings

The world famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent became the founder of the fashion house, which, even after the death of the creator, remains at the peak of popularity.

The name couturier constantly appeared in the secular chronicle next to the word "scandal." This was the fashion designer both in life and in the world of his collections. The bride in a short dress, a men's trouser suit for women, making any kind of sexy ... In addition to clothes, there was a perfume from the maestro. And also - decorations. Classical, traditional, as well as unexpected and unusual.

Penis earrings

One of these surprises is earrings, the shape of which shocked some ladies. They can be understood: after all, the earrings repeated the outlines of the male genital organ .

Help For the production of scandalous jewelry, released in 2018 in Italy, brass was selected, which was artificially aged by patination.

The earrings are marked with a stamp confirming belonging to the fashion house - Saint Laurent Paris.

The cost of unusual earrings is $ 280 .

Important! A set of jewelry complemented the pendant, which had a similar shape.

Together with a chain, the length of which can be adjusted, the suspension was estimated by manufacturers to be much more expensive - at 680 dollars.

If you think that there weren’t many who wanted to pay for such “swell”, you are mistaken! Jewelry literally dared from the counter ! The manufacturer has not yet announced an additional release of this model, so attempts to order such jewelry have been unsuccessful for many.

Fish skeleton as decoration

Do you think that male genitalia in the ears and chest is too much? Fashion house Yves Saint Laurent offers not only them. Here, for example, is another model - products that repeat the skeleton of fish .

Named Smoking, the jewelry is also made of brass. Only in this case they have the color of silver.

Unusual appearance of the decoration is given by crystals, which Saint Laurent fashion house produces from crystal. Crystals are strung on every bone, head and tail of the original fish.

Reference. The earrings impress with their size: their length is 16 and their width is 6 cm. The weight of the jewelry is 53 g.

A clip is used as a fastener.

These earrings are clearly not everyday. But to the costume for the celebration, they become a successful addition . This was confirmed by singer Svetlana Loboda . At the presentation of the Golden Gramophone Prize, she appeared in them. Together with an elegant black outfit, jewelry looked very impressive.

It was impossible not to notice them, and the journalists were glad of the opportunity to make an interesting shot. But fans of the pop singer expressed their opinion about such jewelry. They experienced a whole gamut of feelings: from the delight of stylish "fish" to the displeasure of the "skeleton in the ears."

But, judging by the appearance of Svetlana Loboda, the singer was pleased that no one could not notice her!

Loboda imitators, if desired, can repeat a spectacular exit. However, a lot will have to be paid for the impression made. Today, Smoking can still be found in some online stores, for the right to become their owner, you will need to pay from 80 to 100 thousand rubles .

Undoubtedly, the fashion house Saint Laurent will once again surprise the fair sex.

Would you be able to wear scandalous jewelry?