You will like these models! Stylish animal fashion show looks

Many pet lovers have long considered them almost relatives, smaller brothers. And to the necessary care of food, sleep and the health of pets, they add care for their appearance, chores about the condition of the pet and its entertainment. In this regard, hairdressing salons and restaurants, where our shaggy wards are becoming customers, are becoming increasingly popular and in demand. So they have everything, like people! Including - a variety of costumes and even fashion shows! Not only the owners of cute fidgets are watching them. No one remains indifferent. See for yourself!

Fashion Show Models 2019

The most famous and popular animal fashion show takes place in the USA in February. In 2019, the venue was the Pennsylvania Hotel, located in Manhattan, New York. From previous events, this show was distinguished by a riot of bright colors, original costumes and carnival masks.

Attention! Animal fashion show is not only a festive event designed to entertain a bored audience. This is a charity project. All funds raised go to the creation and development of shelters for stray animals.

At this show, not only dogs and cats appeared on the podium , but also horses, lizards and even rats.

On the podium, our smaller brothers shone with original clothes and hats, as well as masks, many of which looked like works of art.

This charming dog in a strict cape and leather cap resembles a French gendarme .

Complementing the overall picture is the serious expression of her face. So it seems that the dog will now say: “Do not disturb the order! I see everything!"

And this pet will be dressed up like an oriental padish.

An attractive robe in a restrained range perfectly complements the headdress of a brighter tone in the form of a turban.

Not only the padishah costume was presented to the audience. There was also an outfit of a beautiful dancer.

Golden brocade in combination with rich blue feathers make the robe particularly colorful and memorable. A highlight and riddle gives the appearance of a golden half mask.

Not only fabulous and luxurious costumes were amazing, dark colors were also present. For example, this little metalhead .

The black material and lace of this outfit are elegantly complemented by spike inserts, beads and beads.

What surprised designers

Since the theme of the show was various carnival costumes, the design fantasy was where to take a walk! What kind of characters they did not submit to the audience court. The following details gave a special splendor and entertainment to the show.

Various masks

This accessory looked especially spectacular, being decorated with feathers and sequins.

Reference! Many owners also decided to keep up with their favorites and dressed in similar outfits. Or picked up clothes in the same color scheme.

Decorating with beads

Sometimes this is a separate piece woven from beads. In other cases, a combination with other decorative elements.

Beads adorned not only clothes, but also masks; collars and bibs with ornaments were created from it.

Decorative wings

This detail proudly heaved over the dog’s body or calmly hung on both sides of the back.

The unusual presentation of the image

This little angel with a halo over his head was taken to the podium in a beautiful carriage.

The result of this event was general satisfaction. The show was liked by the owners who demonstrated their wards to the general public, designers who showed their creative genius, and all the other participants. Everyone had a fun and interesting time.