Worst outfits at Eurovision 2019

Eurovision is not only a demonstration of the musical achievements of a country. It is also a real vanity fair. Going to her, other participants in the show clearly overdid in the desire to become the highlight of the program!

The most terrible images at Eurovision 2019

This competition will be remembered for the abundance of ridiculous images and the strengthening of trends, like “men in dresses”: the Frenchman Bilal, following the paths of Conchita Wurst, and the Portuguese Osiris, also appeared in ladies' outfits .

Interesting! It is from the Eurovision that one can judge about changes in ideas about decency in clothes: in the rules of the contest, among the requirements for the participant, there is a ban on obscene appearance. Ladies' dress on a man, obviously, is not the case.

Last year’s winner Netta drew attention to herself: a dress in the manner of a nightgown that does not hide the blossoming virtues of a magnificent figure, a train decorated with bananas, a banana-colored dreadlocks.

There were absolutely glaring images too! Well, for example…

Conan Osiris, Portugal

The synthesis of glamor and aggressive outrage - obviously, this was the idea of ​​the image makers of the Portuguese singer. Bearded hairiness (which by no means creates the effect of negligence) in combination with an aggressive facial expression creates the feeling of a pithecanthropus withdrawn from the depths of centuries, washed and specially trained for one of the most striking events of the year . In addition - improperly dressed up!

A green trouser suit would be worth the cost of glamor: an iridescent fabric, the shining of which reminds of the sophistication of expensive disabilie, a bizarre cut - voluminous folds on the shoulders and on the floors, similar to a pleated short skirt, a coquettishly tied belt.

Impression - woke up, combed, but left in pajamas and put on stage . Than angry!

Hatari, Iceland

Severe Icelanders, obviously, understand the expression “dress for all occasions” in their own way: their usual costume of belts, chains and spikes suggests that for some, a BDSM club is a natural habitat.

Interesting! Eurovision is an effective way to reach the heights of world popularity: thanks to him, ABBA and Genghis Khan became famous.

Katerina Duska, Greece

The stage costume of the Greek pop diva also suggests the thought of a sleeping interior. And this is not about demonstrative sexuality - rather, the idea arises of blatant impoverishment, when you have to sew outfits from anywhere.

It was as if inspired by the example of Scarlett O'Hara, who sewed a gorgeous draped dress for herself, and the designers seemed to put tulle curtains from the windows on the stage costume of a beautiful Greek woman, and at the same time - a bedspread to cover too openly translucent places.

As a result, the singer took the stage as the heroine of a medieval riddle - “not dressed and not undressed”! The absurdity of her appearance was emphasized by her surroundings: dancers with rapiers fluttered around Katerina.

Interesting! For a long time, shocking was not welcomed on the stage of the contest. A turnaround was outlined towards the end of the 60s. One of the striking examples is the suit of the Spaniard Salom: sheer fringe!

Thulia, Poland

Apparently, having decided to look in contrast with their rivals, who oppose ultra-sexuality, the participants in the folklore quartet dressed up in a folk style - scarves embroidered with small flowers in shirts with ruffles, voluminous red-blue-green sarafans. It would be possible to attribute everything to the ethno-style and its features, but with the compatibility of colors, the costume designers are clearly not friends !

Eliot, Belgium

A black shapeless suit that would have gone for the uniform of a resident of a special institution, an incomprehensible cut jacket - apparently, given the young age of the performer, they wanted to link his stage image with a certain fantastic hero. It turned out incomprehensible and just boring.

And what images did you find terrible?