Women's fedora hat - 2019 fashion or 1960s comeback?

Every girl wants to look spectacular. Correctly selected accessories help to create a unique image. One of them is the blooper Fedora, which has stood the test of time and triumphantly returned to fashion venues.

The history of the female fedora hat

Fedora hat has a long history. It was first worn back in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the accessory belonged exclusively to men. However, in 1882, the name of the headdress received a common female name. The famous playwright Victorien Sardou wrote for Sarah Bernhardt a play of the same name, which instantly became popular. In the story, the heroine does not neglect the things of the men's wardrobe, and the hat turns into a unisex accessory.

Later, such a hat becomes the most popular everyday model, pushing other styles into the background. A turning point occurred in the 1960s when US President John F. Kennedy refused to wear a hat in public. Yes, and informal youth movements she was no longer needed. It seemed that men's hats, as well as women's hats, had sunk into oblivion. Among those who regained the lost popularity of Fedor was Michael Jackson, who practically did not part with her.

Michael Jackson

Attention! Fedora hat was a symbol of the first feminist movement in history.


Initially, the “Fedora” was sewn from felt and decorated with a satin ribbon. Later began to use a variety of materials. However, the style has not changed over time. Features of a female hat:

  • Versatile and stylish design.
  • Narrow fields, as well as dents on the crown - one in the center and two on the sides.
  • Fields are always made of soft materials so that they are easy to raise and lower.
  • Versatility: suitable for different types of weather. However, wearing a hat in the rain is not recommended, as the accessory may become deformed.
  • The visiting card of the item is a satin ribbon that separates the tulle and the margins.

In the fashion collections of famous couturiers , various modifications of “fedora” appear: velvet, straw, with contrasting patterned ribbons. In modern variations, they are complemented by leather braids and decorative stones. The color palette also pleases with its diversity.

Who is it for?

Fedora is versatile, and looks great on any girl. Ladies of small stature can pick up a product with a high top and thereby visually “grow”.

But tall girls are better to give preference to models with a flat top and wide brim . Owners of small stature from such models should refuse.

Important! The hat visually slenders the figure and stretches it.

What to wear a fedora hat with?

The accessory will be a great addition to many looks. With a competent approach, it successfully fits into any bows, making them unique.

Important! Remember that the color of the hat should fit at least one detail of the bow.

Fedor can be worn:

  • with skirts and dresses of different lengths;
  • with shorts of various styles and T-shirts with a free cut;
  • with a suit in a man’s stele or its details;
  • with romantic, for example, long, sundresses and dresses;
  • in the cold season, you can choose suitable gloves or a handbag for it, and in the summer - a variety of glasses;
  • with leggings and tunic;
  • with jeans and trousers of different cuts.

Outerwear and Fedor Hat

A hat can be a real find for women in the cold season. She looks spectacular with various outerwear.

Perfect combination with straight and fitted coats of various lengths . A combination option with leather jackets and leather jackets is always successful.

The look looks complete with knitted cardigans and warm jackets . In summer, a light windbreaker is appropriate, as well as a raincoat or trench coat in the color of the accessory .

Successful images

With the help of a hat, you can create many spectacular and catchy bows. Consider some successful images:

  • A combination of a long skirt and a delicate blouse or fitted top will help emphasize femininity and sophistication.
  • A short skirt with a straight cut will look harmonious.
  • This item fits perfectly alongside in a cowboy style and blends with vibrant accessories. For example, choose jeans and a wide belt to match the color of the headgear. Dazzling decorations will help diversify your look.

  • A white loose-fitting shirt with jeans, trousers or shorts is considered a classic of the genre. Shoes can be both on a heel, and on a flat sole.
  • The traditional look is leggings, an elongated white tunic, a jacket and a hat with a contrast ribbon. With black leggings, Fedora looks lighter in color.

  • For everyday outfits in an urban style: ordinary jeans, a T-shirt, a blouse, and on top any jacket.
  • A hat will add solidity to a strict office suit . In this case, the hat is selected in the color of a suit or shirt.
  • For a romantic and easy look, you can choose aerial dresses from flowing and translucent fabrics. They should pick up rough leather shoes, a leather jacket or a trench coat.

We should also consider the summer option with a straw hat . She looks harmonious with many items of clothing and protection from the scorching sun. Loose shorts, a simple tank top and slippers are ideal for the beach. Tunics, elongated shirts and short skirts look spectacular.

It is worth taking a look at long sundresses and dresses in combination with sandals on a heel or platform. You can complement the look with a knitted bag or leather model in the color of the headgear.

Reference! The combination of a hat and boyfriend jeans has become an integral attribute of any fashion blogger.

Fedora hat is very popular among women of all ages. With this accessory you can create an elegant and sophisticated look.