Women's fashion wallets

Although a women's wallet seems insignificant and inconspicuous, but more necessary, it can tell a lot about its owner. Stylish and fashionable thing will help emphasize the appearance, make it more refined. But fashion is a capricious and changeable lady. How to please her?

The size

Buying a brand new wallet, you certainly wonder what size should be preferred? This season, leading designers advise either mini-wallets similar to key rings or maxi clutches. Sometimes miniature wallets are sold bundled with appropriate sized handbags. You can get a stylish set that can be worn individually and together.

If we talk about the second model, then it can be an envelope wallet. As a rule, such models have a strap or they are worn on the belt. Such clutches are quite roomy, it will fit not only cash, but also credit cards, lipstick and other little things. With this accessory you can safely do without a handbag. When choosing a large model, especially look so that it harmonizes with clothes, gloves or shoes.

But designers are not afraid to conduct experiments. A purse-purse may well have contrasting colors. This model emphasizes individuality. An equally stylish version of the current season is a knitted handbag to which a purse made of fabric or leather is attached to the outside.

Now it has become quite fashionable to store photos of close relatives, various trifles, perfumes in this accessory.

Important! Remember that the accessory must be in harmony with your image. Watch what your wallet looks like. If it is frayed, then it is better to buy a new one. Feng Shui experts say that money is more likely to flock to a new and elegant vessel than to an old and unpresentable one.

The form

If you already decided on the size, it is time to decide on the shape. Catalogs of fashion brands can help with this choice, or you can rely on your intuition. The most important thing is that you like the shape and go with your look.

IMPORTANT. The most relevant shapes this season are in the form of a rectangle, circle, square, oval. At the peak of popularity, apple-shaped wallets. Particularly romantic ladies choose models in the shape of a heart.

For a girl, a model in the form of sweets, candies or ice cream is suitable. Brutal men will appreciate the shape of the car. Also in the wardrobe there is a place for thematic wallets for Halloween, Independence Day or New Year.

Naturally, choosing a form, you need to focus on your wardrobe and the situation in which it will be displayed. To create an office image, strict models in classic colors are suitable. Creative natures will choose extravagant forms for themselves.

Be sure to look at how roomy the model is. If the wallet is necessary not only for storing bills, then the choice should be stopped on large models.


This season is free to choose the material for the model. You can give preference to expensive designer accessories made of genuine leather. These models will please you for a long time. They are not subject to abrasion.

Manufacturers apply not only a smooth fabric, but also with a corrugated surface. Widespread products made of suede, textile and velor. Although they will not serve for a long time, they are inexpensive, and any fashionista can easily create her own mini-collection of clutches for any looks. In addition, you can purchase wallets with special dirt-waterproof impregnation. In them, not only banknotes will remain safe and sound, but you will also have to erase your wallet much less frequently. Impregnation is completely invisible on the material, but helps to significantly extend the life of the fabric.

To complete the personal style, fashionistas are offered a wide selection of various fasteners and other decorative elements.

At the peak of popularity, eco-leather is today. Manufacturers offer a variety of colors and textures of this material, which are almost impossible to distinguish from genuine leather.

Color, decor

The choice of color scheme when buying a wallet depends on the preferences of the future hostess. As a rule, it complements the handbag, so the style should be similar. If it is supposed to wear a large clutch wallet separately, then its color scheme should be in harmony with shoes, gloves, a belt or a hat.

You can choose any decoration. At the height of fashion, diverse embroidery in a folk style, decorative stitching, cords and fringe. No less popular are rhinestones, decorative zippers and patches, right up to the patchwork style.