Women's fashion clutches

Tired of massive bags? Maybe it's time to pay attention to the clutch? Despite the fact that they do not fit a large number of things, but with the help of a small handbag it is easy to create an exquisite image. And why bother with all the cosmetics? Indeed, sometimes a cell phone, a wallet, combs and a mirror are enough for us. Let's figure out which clutch models will be relevant and what awaits us in 2019.

When choosing a bag, do not forget about your own style. A clutch bag is an accessory that is selected based on matching the overall color scheme of the bow.

Fashion clutches 2019

In 2019, square-shaped clutches will be relevant. The most popular square clutches will be an envelope clutch with a clasp on its side. The classic version of the mini handbag will also be relevant, but much smaller than a square.

This season, designers did not stint on the decor, it is even too much. On some bags there is not a single place without jewelry. No less popular are eco-leather tassels, elongated fringe, fur, buboes, rhinestones of different diameters, embroidery, and beads. In addition to all this, there will be many quilted clutches.

The most popular will be clutches made of leather, suede, fur. Bags made entirely of fur or combined with suede begin to appear.

Basically, all handbags are small in size without a long handle, too massive is not provided. Most of them with very small handles - how practical it is we will see in the new year.

Shape, size

In 2019, clutches are not provided in which you can put half of your wardrobe. The most popular form of clutch is still a square, which is very similar to a small box or even a casket. Leather clutches do not need additional jewelry. A branded logo will be more than enough as a decoration.

In 2019, clutch envelopes fastened with a massive valve are also relevant.


This year, almost any form of clutch bag, material and color scheme is allowed.

In spring, a suede clutch is a great option, which will emphasize your femininity and softness.

Bags with embossed crocodile leather are not inferior to their positions. Only now the color scheme of such clutches has become even brighter - orange, purple, green, red.

Wicker handbags made of straw are perfect for beachwear.

Fur handbags made of genuine leather and leatherette are suitable for the cold season. For every day, we recommend that you take a closer look with clutches decorated with a bow or a massive flower.


In 2019, it is important to choose a clutch to match the outfit. In addition, designers offer to choose an outfit with exactly the same print as the bag.

Black color is relegated to the background this season. In spring, pay attention to clutches of pastel colors - lilac, blue, pink, dairy. White and beige colors will not go out of fashion for a long time.


Clutches made of genuine leather in 2019 at the peak of popularity. Bags with "predatory" prints are still in fashion, although fashion designers have been putting them into question for several years.

In 2019, handbags made of textiles will also be respectable. The selection of small fabric bags this season is impressive. The decor of such handbags with massive bows and flowers.

Rhinestones, stones, embroidery, beads, sequins - all this is a classic that goes from one season to another. In 2019, there is a trend - the smaller the handbag, the more decor elements on it.

Furs will also be relevant in 2019. Buckles, rivets and Swarovski crystals will also be popular.