Women's crochet beanie hat

Beans like it, but so many models are confusing. Only female bean models are selected here. A surprise for the master is a detailed description of one of the hats. As well as tips on the measurements for the product, the selection of yarn, and the most interesting is how to decorate the hat. And do you need to decorate beanie hats? Maybe there are models that do not require any effort in decorating? Being fashionable, beautiful, and happy is easy.

Yarn and hook

For a beanie hat, you can choose a thread that is not too thin. Thick is not worth taking, as crocheting makes the fabric very dense and thick. Such models will be heavy, if you take a thick thread. Therefore, it is worth looking after the warm, but light texture of the thread . For an easier option, you can generally use cotton and different thin options.

But for a winter product - it definitely should be something from wool. That's just wool should not cause allergies and be non-spiky . The lady will not endure such a hat for a long time and will put it aside.

As for the tool for work, namely the hook, then it should be chosen correctly. The first thing you should pay attention to is his number.

It is selected depending on the thickness of the thread and on the yarn the manufacturer usually indicates the number of the hook that is most suitable for the job. The second is a comfortable position for the hand of the master and this is his individual qualities.

Hat Measurements

For a hat, anyone, only two measurements are needed. This is the head circumference and depth . The circle helps with the set of loops in the elastic band of the cap. But the depth determines its size in length.

For a circle, they often make 2-3 cm reductions in order to more densely stick the product to the head. And for the depth, on the contrary, additions are made.

This is necessary, and so that the ears remain covered and climb on the model. For example, for bean models, 5-6 cm is often added.

How to crochet a beanie hat for women?

Performing a beanie hat for a woman, and using a hook is simple. More often, simple circular rows are crocheted. It is difficult for the crown to calculate the decreases, but the model, which is presented below and does not require decreases. This can easily be seen.

If you are a beginner, then the model is definitely for you. Easy and simple, but she's so cute.

Charming crochet beanie hat for women

The cute blue beanie consists of two patterns . The most interesting thing is that you should first knit across, and then change the direction of work. It will be very interesting to perform this knitted female hat. Bright buttons adorn a cheerful and delicate color.

To work, use:

  • blue yarn;
  • hook for the selected yarn;
  • two buttons for decoration.


Measure the circumference of the head of the model. For her, immediately reduce 2 cm so that the product is very tight to the head. Then measure the distance from one earlobe, through the crown to another earlobe - this is a measure called depth. Here it is worth adding a generous 6 cm.


In order to complete each pattern from the correct number of columns, two samples should be prepared at once. Samples represent small squares. One perform according to the first scheme, which is brought to work. The second is performed according to the second scheme. Next, use a ruler to determine the number of loops for working in a row and the number of rows of 10 cm. For each square, you should get 2 numbers.

These indicators are called density knitting. According to them, the master will have to calculate how many rows will be needed for the elastic band around the circumference of the first pattern, and how many columns should be in the row along the second pattern and also for the circumference of the model.



As already mentioned, the gum should be performed in the transverse direction. Gather 9 air loops and perform an elastic band across the width of 9 columns. Knit around the circumference, and make the last row with simple connecting loops. They will have to connect the loops of the first and last row of such an unusual gum with a hook.

The basis

For the basics, you should change the direction of knitting, and continue to knit in the direction from the elastic to the crown. Knit to the desired length of the product depth, in the calculation also use the length of the elastic with the first pattern . Then knit the last row, and to get the crown, make an assembly on all the columns of the last row. After tightening, tighten and tighten the thread. Pull the thread from the wrong side, hide it there and cut it.

Important! Do not cut the thread very shortly, as this increases the likelihood of the caps opening in the place where the thread is torn off.

It remains only to decorate the finished product and can be sent to the first fitting.


Beanie hat can and should be decorated . For this, the masters are not stingy with the use of beads and beads. You can make embroidery, but if you want, it’s easy to buy a ready-made applique.

A pompom can decorate a hat and make it a little teenage.

Flowers for a woman are always good, therefore, with the help of such a hook you can make a lush flower and decorate a lovely product on one side.

Authoring can be emphasized with a special tag. It turns out neatly and stylishly. So you can complete the whole line.

Next is one model that does not require decoration.

Of multi-colored threads, the beanie is so bright that she simply does not need any decoration.

Schemes of beautiful patterns for women

A selection of beautiful hook patterns that are especially suited to beanie hats . We knit products for ourselves and loved ones.

Here such charming products can be made with your own hands using a hook and beautiful balls. for this, all the craftsmen make good stocks, and you can begin to tie everyone with their unique products. Wearing such hats is very nice, as the master has invested in them more than just a beautiful design.

More time and energy for your favorite things to the master and the beginner. Do not stop even before difficult work. Detailed workshops will not make you confused even those who yesterday just picked up a hook and yarn. Fashionable beanie hats for a couple of hours - it's real.