Women who are not shy of their forms, but it would be necessary!

Every woman wants to look beautiful, sexy and unique . She tries to dress fashionably, to match the style. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. Especially ugly look ladies dressed up in trendy blouses, skirts, jeans that do not match their size, figure, height. They do not pay attention to the fact that sometimes the simplest things are able to make them visually fuller or lower, and make the most serious mistakes in choosing a wardrobe.

Fat women wear tight-fitting clothes

Many ladies are mistaken, believing that by “packing” themselves in a tight bag, they will look perfect. On the contrary: a girl tightly tightened in a narrow dress will emphasize the shortcomings of her figure. Fat folds, powerful hips, thick buttocks will become visible in full view. Creating ugly mounds under the material, they will attract attention, causing mockery.

Full breasts - not necessarily beautiful

Another extreme: in a desire to emphasize the fullness of the chest, the ladies resort to outfits with a deep neckline, open T-shirts, tops, which does not give the owner of attractiveness. Rather, her appearance will cause bewilderment, sometimes even sarcasm.

Big breasts, wasp waist - top of sexuality

Another mistake. Pulling herself into a tight T-shirt, pulling jeans with a high belt on herself, the girl looks like a Barbie doll. In addition, short pants absolutely do not look with imperfect ankles. Men are not too attracted to such forms. They will pay attention to such “dolls” with a sense of humor, irony.

Street style for chubby

Street style is not suitable for every lady. The deliberate ease, the combination of the unconnectable, characteristic of this style, is ideal for slender girls. On chubby ladies, such a style looks funny at best, causing a smile, since the figure of the pysheka will seem more massive.

Fine print

Lush ladies will have to give up clothes with a small pattern. If in your wardrobe there are such things - throw it away, give it to those to whom they are more suitable. Outfits in a small flower, with a small geometric pattern, visually fill the woman. Try them not worth it. It is better to give preference to things monophonic.

Skinny shorts, skirts

Far from ideal is a similar style for full ladies, especially when they have thick legs. Having dressed in this way, they will only emphasize their obesity, make the figure heavier, uninteresting. For them, one-color clothing of medium length is preferable, not too close to the body, visually lengthening the figure, making it much more attractive.

Wide pants

Full low women stylists do not recommend wearing too wide trousers. Such pants will make the figure square, unattractive. They will cause ridicule among others. It’s better to pick up pants that are slightly narrowed at the knee and flared below, which visually stretches the figure, makes you slimmer.

Striped clothing

The magnificent lady dressed in a skirt with horizontal stripes looks absurd. This style only increases the width of the form, without making the owner higher. If you like striped things - choose clothes in a vertical strip; it will make you more graceful, slim. You will not cause the laughter of others.

Clothing from a “foreign shoulder”

Many women make the mistake of believing that clothing a size or two more will hide figure flaws expressed in extra pounds. Jackets, cardigans, t-shirts of a larger size will visually increase your volume, give the style of “poor collective farmer”. Others will look at you with regret at best, and with disgust at worst.

Meet on clothes. If the selection of clothes is unsuccessful, your appearance can alienate people, cause ridicule, irony, sarcasm towards you. Do not make yourself a laughing stock!

Even a chubby lady can look beautiful, feel like a queen. It is enough to look at yourself critically, evaluate your figure, choose the appropriate style.

Many women believe that there should be a lot of good. But this does not mean that it is necessary to exhibit its completeness, while adding “visual” kilograms. You can be a dumpling and at the same time have the appearance of a beautiful princess. Just listen to the advice, take a closer look at yourself, draw conclusions that are right for you.