Women Choice: Zara or H&M

World brands fast fashion - what is it? Should I buy inexpensive things? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such clothes? We will talk about this in our material.

Tricks for buyers

Not all fashionistas can buy designer clothes for themselves. But without exception, everyone wants to be stylish. Significantly facilitate the life of the fair half help large chain stores that strictly follow global trends. Among them , Zara and H&M are especially notable.

Numerous marketing moves and tricks are called upon to “help” shoppers leave as much money as possible in their boutiques. You will not notice how you spend much more than planned.

Location of shops

There is an unwritten rule - all network departments of clothing are necessarily located next door to boutiques of famous design firms. This is a kind of message to a potential customer: "In our clothes you will be no less stylish." Whereas the cost of things here is incomparably more democratic.

Expensive things at the entrance

The focus here is on the impulsiveness of choice, which is inherent in every person: to see - to want - to buy. Therefore, the most expensive collectibles are placed right at the entrance. This is designed to prompt the buyer to immediately try on the outfit they liked. And walking past the hangers with discounted goods that are located inside the hall, you will certainly grab some more inexpensive gizmos into the fitting room.

To increase sales, very often “networkers” use the so-called Japanese standard:

  • light dark;
  • the most sought-after goods are placed deep in the trading floor, which means that, making her way to the hanger with jeans, a woman will pick up a lot more along the way;
  • they always offer baskets, where the customer simply puts the goods she likes “on the machine”.

Things on tables and mannequins

Women are often seduced by ideal images created with the help of mannequins. It is necessary to face the truth - it is unlikely that these things will look just as elegant in reality on your figure.

Mannequins in the Zara store.

Such a flawless landing is achieved by special steaming, laying folds and pinning with pins.

According to leading consultants, women most of all love to buy outfits:

  • "As in advertising";
  • inexpensive copies of famous brands;
  • something “pretty and cheap” next to the box office.

The real "trick" are tables with things, they are specially put on display. In the same H&M they are updated every couple of weeks. It would seem that you do not need trousers - but their cost is only 499 rubles. There is a desire to try on. Experts estimate that after this, 80% of women will definitely buy them.

Compare two brands

Modern citizens are happy to buy clothes in stores of both brands for daily wear. Moreover, the ratio of quality and price is not much different.

Quality clothing Zara and H&M

The absence of high requirements for the quality of the assortment sold is fully compensated by the low price of things. Therefore, hoping for a long period of their use is not necessary. Usually the sock period is limited to one year.

H&M is characterized by constancy and stability of quality characteristics. Any clothing of this company is worn about the same time. Among the shortcomings can be distinguished not very neat seams and "sticking out" threads. But these things will certainly endure their own.

H&M Clothing

If we talk about Zara, then in this case, not everything is so simple . Often, the outfits of this company are neat and reliable in use. But sometimes jackets and dresses do not stand even a few washings.

Experienced customers are not entirely happy with the shoes and bags of this brand.

Prices and discounts

If we compare the average prices, then their higher level is undoubtedly in Zara . This is quite explainable by the predominance of the assortment of clothing for special occasions (shirts, dresses, various shoes and costumes). Although the prices are not always really correlated with the quality of products.

Elegant clothes of the Zara brand.

So overpaying only for copying fashion trends is not so advisable.

H&M relies on cheaper designs . Thanks to constant discounts, buying casual clothes in the stores of this company is much more profitable.


The popularity of firms is quite large, so the queues in the dressing room and at the checkout are inevitable.

Zara stores are usually more spacious, which is associated with a smaller assortment of goods . Shopping in them is pleasantly comfortable - no need to rub on the backs of other customers.

Some congestion in the space of H&M trading floors is more than paid for by friendly and attentive sellers. They will readily come to your aid, even if they are busy with urgent work.

What's better?

It is definitely impossible to answer this question. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to the structure of fashionable lines and pricing. Particular attention should be paid to those things that are rightfully considered the real "pearls" of brands. And for this you need to know their features.

H&M face - natural things of a basic format from seasonal collections. Very popular:

  • thick mohair sweaters;
  • casual shirts;
  • inexpensive, but high-quality mixed jackets and dresses;
  • annual collectible designs by designers.

The uniqueness of Zara is proved by the speed of formation of collection lines in strict accordance with modern fashion trends. This whole process takes no more than a month.

Freshness of ideas and design talent are visible in each model. Although you can often see a simple copy of other people's developments from high podiums . Brand Distinctive Features:

  • up to several thousand interesting new products go on sale per year;
  • constant update schedule - Thursday and Saturday morning hours;
  • here you can always find a certain "highlight" for your image;
  • all kinds of T-shirts and tops made of linen and cotton are very popular.

Clothing Zara and H&M deservedly like women. Stylish clothes of both brands attract fashionistas with their beauty and similarity with leading brands. The main thing is to make the right choice, and you will be truly irresistible.