Without cameras: what world stars go home

We are used to seeing stars on television in full combat readiness. Makeup, beautiful dress or costume, bright images. But at home they are the same people as we are, and they like to dress at home in a cozy, practical way, to feel as comfortable as possible. Consider the most striking home images of world and Russian stars.

What do stars go at home in?

It's no secret that the idols of millions in ordinary life dress not at all as spectacularly as on the red carpet and official events. Diamonds, high stilettos, elegant dresses remain behind the doors of the house so as not to interfere with the star feeling comfortable with her family.

The habit of dressing simply and practically manifests itself in many famous actresses, singers and TV presenters, not only in the home environment. Most famous ladies wear simple clothes every day, going to the store, for a walk or a trip.

Hollywood stars

The brightest Hollywood actresses in ordinary life do not look so bright. You can go past them and not even think that this is a cinema star. This helps them protect their lives from numerous fans and move around the streets freely.

Important! Many celebrities prefer to feel comfortable in any situation. Therefore, their clothes are always simple and as comfortable as possible.

I will present a short list of the most famous Hollywood beauties who in ordinary life look very simple:

  • Jennifer Aniston (stylish and beautiful in any image; in her everyday dresses, simplicity and comfort are always visible, but the clothes are always chosen with taste and in accordance with the latest fashion trends, accessories that she successfully uses in bows occupy a special place in the wardrobe of the famous actress) ;
  • Nicole Kidman (even in everyday life, the actress always looks feminine and sophisticated, in a laconic trouser suit with a white shirt or a simple dress with a floral print; such outfits are convenient, but at the same time always emphasize Nicole's beauty and femininity);
  • Jennifer Lawrence (the young actress prefers the simplest everyday sets, consisting of jeans and basic shirts, sometimes the girl supplements them with a laconic jumper, jacket or cardigan, as well as a small dog, her favorite Pippi);
  • Victoria Beckham (a small, but such a strong woman, an icon of style, she always holds the brand, even in everyday bows there are always high-heeled shoes, usually she chooses outfits from her own collections, which, despite the dim shades, look very attractive and catchy);

  • Julia Roberts (the well-known Beauty in everyday life is distinguished by the simplicity of images, jeans and a sweatshirt - for walking with a dog, capri pants and a cotton blouse - for shopping, everything is very simple and convenient).

Most stars try to feel like ordinary people and “hide” from their own popularity. Therefore, many star images for going to the store or for a walk in the park are unusually simple.


Media personalities from Russia are no different from their Western counterparts. At home, they prefer to wear practical and comfortable outfits that do not constrain movements, and feel comfortable.

Among the most stylish stars of Russian show business in the home environment are:

  • Anna Khilkevich (a popular Russian actress and twice mom at home prefer leggings of a rich red color and an alcoholic T-shirt, it looks very cute and at home);

  • Olga Buzova (the image of the “blonde in chocolate” does not leave Olga thinking, at home she prefers pink bow, consisting of a short top on the straps, decorated with lace, velor capri with guipure trim and knitted socks also of pink color with a personalized badge);
  • Alyona Shishkov (the model prefers simple joggers, a loose T-shirt and long cozy socks at home);
  • Polina Gagarin (simple gray joggers, an old sports T-shirt tied in a knot on her stomach - the simplest and most comfortable home outfit).

A selection of photographs of Russian and Hollywood stars at home gives us the opportunity to understand that famous and popular actresses, singers, TV presenters and other famous personalities in everyday life are not much different from other women. They also raise children, go to the store, for walks with pets and at the same time want to feel comfortable.