Winter look with a long skirt for chubby

In winter, the weather makes you dress warmer and look ridiculous, but you want to conform to fashion and amaze everyone with beauty. People look like chubby balls due to warm clothes, which are much larger in size due to insulation. Therefore, both full and thin people seem to be about the same size. This is undoubtedly an advantage. The main thing is to look at everything from the positive side.

How to choose a warm long skirt for chubby

The skirt is a wonderful element of women's wardrobe and looks perfect on women of any age. If you have a full figure and were embarrassed to wear this element of clothing in the summer, then try to do it now. In winter, the figure is smoothed out under warm cozy things, which means that nothing will give out your fullness. Do not be shy, we will help you choose the right model and make your image vivid and expressive. When buying, pay attention to the following important details:

  • The material from which the thing is made must be warm. It is advisable to choose a dense natural fabric with a lining. In winter, the main thing is not to freeze.
  • Decide on the choice of color. If you already have an approximate image in your head, choose the style of a suitable skirt.
  • The length should be optimal. For practicality and comfortable wearing should not choose too long or short options.
  • Pick the model according to your figure. If possible, consult a specialist. Clothing should emphasize the image and smooth the figure.

Winter images with a skirt for full

If you have found a suitable option and finally bought the desired item, you should consider creating a style. The skirt can be very beautiful in itself, but you can not do without the rest of the wardrobe. Defining a style is not easy. Go shopping, see what's in fashion now and choose the one that's right for you. We will tell you some images, you can take them as a basis or come up with an exclusive design.

IMPORTANT: winter clothing should be primarily warm. You should not buy a beautiful thing, if at the same time you will freeze in the cold.

What outerwear to complement the image

The main element will be outerwear. She will be the first to attract the attention of people. It is very important to choose it correctly. You should not choose too bright colors, in winter you need to put on something more calm. The right solution would be to use shades of winter and autumn.

If you are sure that bright evocative colors are necessary, make the image restrained. The bottom or top should in this case be made of plain fabric.

IMPORTANT: too many vibrant colors are also bad. Excessive brightness can disrupt the harmony and turn the image from colorful to stucco and even caustic in appearance, especially against the background of winter landscapes.

What shoes to choose for a long skirt in winter

When choosing long models, many are faced with the question of how to choose shoes. This is a certain difficulty, because the hem of the skirt will hide your bottom. An excellent option may be the following options:

  • Low heel, insulated inner part with fur details on the outside.
  • Shoes with jewelry made of metal chains and rhinestones will look beautiful.
  • You can emphasize with color. Yellow, brown are perfect for giving the image of expressiveness.

An important element is wear resistance, heat preservation and good adhesion to the ground, especially true when ice is icy.

What accessories to complement the image with a long skirt

It is best to choose fashionable ornaments yourself; your own imagination and imagination will help you. But as an example, it should be pointed out that some things look great with skirts:

  • Clutches, comfortable and compact, which are comfortable to wear. Capacious sum in tone skirt.
  • Scarves to the color of your clothes. You can use warm and fluffy models.
  • If you are indoors, then the beads will perfectly complement the image.
  • A decorative belt with a bow is also a good option.

Choose your favorite style and become the real queen of this magical time of the year. Let your image become the most beautiful and mysterious among the snowy peaks.