Winter is coming - it's time to think about cashmere underwear

Summer is over and now the weather will change rapidly. Hot days will be replaced by rainy, cold weekdays. So it's time to change the wardrobe and warm up. This applies not only to clothing, but also to underwear. Today, designers have come up with a huge amount of underwear made of warm materials, in particular, cashmere. By the way, wearing cashmere lingerie is a trend that has produced the effect of an exploding bomb in the fashion world. Let’s figure out why it all happened that way.

Cashmere and its features

The material from which fashionable linen is sewn is a dense undercoat or fluff collected from pedigree goats.

Raw materials

They are called Kashmiri by the name of the province where the animals were bred. Today, such goats are bred in India, China, Pakistan and Mongolia.

Important! Cashmere is a gentle fluff that has gained unprecedented popularity in the textile industry. Products from it are obtained very gentle, pleasant to the body and at the same time very warm.

The fluff is harvested by hand, usually in the spring, when seasonal molting begins on the goats. The most delicate and very thin threads are made from the obtained raw materials. It is possible to obtain such a structure due to the extraordinary softness of the coat. The hair of a Kashmir goat is several times thinner than a human hair .

The properties

Cashmere has unique properties.

  • It gives extraordinary warmth . Products literally warm, maintaining optimal body temperature and not interfering with normal air exchange.
  • It does not cause allergies .
  • It does not require special care, it is easily erased.

Having picked up linen from this material, you can get the perfect bottom undercoat for the time of the cold. It is noteworthy that modern fashion designers offer a wide variety of styles that look very original and beautiful.

Types of cashmere linen

Surprisingly, stylists offer a wide variety of linen products from these thin threads. Each fashionista will be able to pick up for herself original products that will help keep warm in the fall and winter. And at the same time, you can still feel attractive and confident.


Among cashmere linen, the following is distinguished.

  • Stockings and belt. Beautiful, thinnest stockings warm perfectly in the fall and always help to look feminine.
  • Underwear (panties and bra) . Thin wool underwear is gaining incredible popularity. Original models and curly knitting help girls to feel at home comfortably. Products retain feminine attractiveness, despite the style in the form of drawers.

  • Leg warmers, mittens, socks, knee-high socks, etc. Be sure to purchase cashmere hosiery for yourself. In winter you will praise yourself for your foresight more than once. And at the same time add a twist to everyday looks.


Fashion designers today offer a wide range of such underwear. Its cost, of course, is high, but it's worth it.

  • A variety of styles and models.
  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Guaranteed heat in the coldest weather.
  • Hypoallergenicity.

Not only warm, but also attractive

Numerous social surveys among men have shown that not only lace thongs or push-up bras can be sexy. Panties and cashmere tops are also very feminine. They are made in two ways. These include the usual scarf knitting, which captivates with its brevity. Another option is figuratively knitted or decorated with a volumetric pattern products.

Katie Holmes

Important! Cashmere lingerie is very thin. It looks great on any figure and does not stand out under clothes.

All this can not leave indifferent representatives of the opposite sex. Such intriguing lingerie is always liked by men.

Hollywood stars rated

Hollywood stars, including Katie Holmes and Irina Shayk, have already acquired sets of cashmere lingerie. They flaunt it with pleasure, revealing to the public a little more than proper decency.

Irina Shayk

Stylists approve of such unobtrusive advertising of warm underwear. After all, seeing their idols, the girls will warm up the same way, without fear that this will make them less feminine and sexy.

Summer has passed, ahead of the dank autumn and cold winter. Fashionable linen made of the finest wool allows women to forget about the choice between fashion and comfort. To the delight of women, cashmere combines these concepts.