Why you can’t get married in sandals. Signs and etiquette

The wedding ceremony is not accidentally called a rite. Since ancient years, it has been accompanied by many rules and signs. They regulate the process itself, the holiday menu and so on. Particular attention is paid along with the bride. And even if it seems to you that a dress, underwear, a headdress can be chosen without taking into account old traditions, it is worth listening to signs about shoes. They were the result of popular experience, which has been accumulating for more than one year. And the main rule about wedding shoes says that the bride should not be in sandals! Let’s figure out where such austerities came from.

Why sandals are forbidden for weddings

There are a lot of folk beliefs associated with the wedding ceremony. But only three shoes concern.

So that welfare does not “leak”

In the old days, the following ritual existed: millet, millet, or other small seeds were put in the shoes of those entering into marriage. This action was intended to provide the young family with health and wealth.

That is why a sign has arisen: if you get married in open shoes, money, health and various amenities will “leak” . And instead of them there will be misfortunes, illnesses and sorrows.

For a safe birth

The design of sandals implies the presence of straps, jumpers, various fasteners, which, as you can see, can affect the reproductive function of the expectant mother . They promise complications during the birth process, which can cost the health or even life of both the child and the mother.

To protect against negativity

Since ancient times, the feet have been considered the weakest point of the human body. Remember at least the famous Greek myth about the Achilles heel. Our ancestors were sure: if the bride’s heel or toe is in sight, then the ill-wishers will be able to send damage to the young . In addition, the bride could catch the negative part from the ground with the open part of the foot.

To believe in signs or not, of course, is a personal matter, but, choosing this type of shoe, it is worth looking at the design easier and without frills.

Reference! In the old days, in order for the bride not to be spoiled by the evil eye, she was put on red boots.

Modern wedding tradition - to drink from a shoe

Another reason to refuse sandals is given by a modern tradition, offering the groom to drink the bride's shoe (!) From the shoe. So harshly, like a hussar! And how to drink from sandals ?! Even holding a glass in them is not always easy!

What shoes are the most suitable for the bride

So, we buy only shoes for the bride! But not all models are suitable.

In order to choose the "right" shoes, you should pay attention to the following criteria.


Wedding celebration is not an hour event. And the bride spends most of this time on her feet. So it’s worth choosing a model in which her legs will feel most comfortable .

Attention! To choose the most suitable size option, the purchase of shoes should be carried out in the afternoon. This will avoid crowded shoes if the legs are slightly swollen.


No less important criterion. Traditionally, it is believed that the color of the shoes should be the same color as the dress. For example, if an ivory-colored outfit is selected, then the shoes will be required the same.

Attention! An exception to the rule are contrasting things. For example, red shoes. But in this embodiment, they need to be balanced by another element of the same color: jewelry, bouquet, frills on the dress and so on.


The style of the outfit can also affect the choice of shoes. Shoes and dress should complement each other and look like a harmonious ensemble .


Carefully choose the size of the heel. It should be such that the shoes do not peek out from under the hem, but at the same time sufficient so that the dress does not touch the ground .


Do not choose shoes that are heavily decorated with sequins, beads or rhinestones. It is better to give preference to classic white boats.

Do not save time on choosing the right option. Indeed, the mood of the bride, one of the main figures of this holiday, will depend on the coordination of all the details of the outfit and its convenience.