Why you can not wear a ring on the ring finger: superstition

All my life I wore rings according to the principle “on which finger it looks prettier, I put it on that one”! But once I was told with genuine horror that, putting a piece of jewelry on my ring finger, a woman scares men away. Of course, in response to this, I nodded gravely, and silently twisted my finger at the temple. But the grain of doubt settled in the soul. And after another unsuccessful date I thought about it ... As a result, I spat and went google, which affects the choice of a place for the ring. And she was so carried away that she reached the history of the ancient world. Now about the ring and ring finger, I know if not everything, then a lot! I share interesting finds with you.

What ring can be worn on the ring finger

The ring finger does not have an absolute ban on jewelry. What to wear on it, without fear of the action of ancient signs?

Wedding ring

The wedding ring will rightly take its place here! Why exactly on the nameless? As it turned out, the sacred action of fastening the bonds of marriage of rings took place in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that from the ring finger to the heart passes the "artery of love" (according to the ancient grammar of Apion, it is a nerve).

INTERESTING! The ancient Greeks mentioned the ring finger in connection with Apollo, the god of the sun. And still astrologers associate it with this star. The moon is also considered its patron companion.

Is it possible silverware?

Very different opinions exist about silver rings.

Proponents of the theory of the connection of the ring finger with lunar energy believe that it blends perfectly with silver . And this is the patron saint of Apollo, the metal of the moon, symbolizing beauty, creativity and romantic relationships.

However, there are directly opposite opinions that silver, like cold metal, contributes to the cold in a relationship, produces too much calm energy, which negates all ardor and passion.

Preference for small size

The size of the ring also matters. Here the rule "the less the better . " It is believed that a minimalistic thin ring indicates a positive, calm and balanced character. And it is more appropriate on the ring finger. A large and catchy jewelry, talking about a tendency to depression and hysterical behavior, is undesirable here.

With wedding rings, everything is clear. But what about those who are not yet married? For them, the ring finger is a taboo?

Who better not put the ring on the ring finger

In the search for information, I was convinced of the existence of signs that it was better for an unmarried girl to put a ring on her other finger.

In order not to scare men

That's just the reason "scare men" is exclusively domestic, practical. It simply means that a man who wants to get acquainted can decide that the girl is already married, and therefore will not act actively.

In order not to interfere with marriage

If you again plunge into the spiritual strata, then you can "dig out" a lot of interesting things in this regard. For example, the fact that the only purpose of any (not only engagement) ring on the ring finger is to protect the marriage and protect it from adversity .

If an unmarried girl wears it, the jewelry will not be able to fulfill its purpose . And it will even act in the exact opposite direction. That is, to make sure that the relationship, even if they appear, could not reach the marriage. And if they do, some trouble will surely happen at the ceremony.

How to relate to the ban

Of course, this is all beliefs, and the decision whether to follow it or not depends only on how you personally feel about signs. And most importantly, do you believe in their action. Self-hypnosis is a big deal, so if you, like me, at least for a split second, allow yourself to connect your failures in your personal life with the position of the ring on your hand, then it’s better not to disturb yourself. Put it on any other fingers, there are eight more in stock!

And if nothing in your soul trembled and you thought, why is it on the nameless - you can’t ?! Wear calmly, wear to your health and be happy!