Why you can not sunbathe in a wet bathing suit

With the onset of the warm season, more and more people go to the beach to relax, swim, sunbathe. Tanning makes your skin healthier and more attractive. In addition, just swimming and sunbathing is very nice, because it allows you to escape from everyday worries. But if many are aware of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and therefore take sunscreen on the beach, few people know about the dangers of a wet swimsuit.

Why a wet swimsuit is bad for tanning

Spending most of the time on the beach or in the pool, many bathe and sunbathe in the same swimsuit. However, doctors claim that this can cause significant harm to women's health.

We will tell you in more detail what a woman can wait for because of a wet swimsuit.

Yeast infection

Wet swimming suit tissue can cause a vaginal infection.

Yeast is present in the microflora of every woman, so this infection is the most common, many encounter it at least once in a lifetime. But the rapid development of yeast begins when an infection has entered the woman's body.

A wet swimsuit that stays on the body for a long time can cause a risk of infection .

Yeast requires a warm, moist environment. Such conditions are created under a wet swimsuit.

Important ! The resulting yeast infection leads to the appearance of an unpleasant odor, pathogenic secretions, irritation.

In other words, the thrush begins. The disease is treated quite easily, but it delivers a lot of discomfort.


After you leave the pond, dermatophyte fungi begin to multiply on the surface of the moist tissue. Most actively they develop in the folds of the skin, groin and on the inner surface of the hips. As a result, you may notice that redness and peeling began on the skin .

Dry skin, itching

In enclosed bodies of water, such as a swimming pool, water is thoroughly disinfected. Most often this is done with the help of chlorine-containing substances. Therefore, you might think that visiting the pool will not cause any problems. But this is not so.

By itself, bleach can cause burns to the eyes, dry skin. It also has a negative effect on the structure of the hair.

If we talk about a swimsuit, then bleach impregnates the fabric of the product and stays there for a long time. This significantly increases the risk of dry skin, itching in the inguinal region.


Wearing a wet swimsuit can lead to hypothermia. This cannot be avoided even under the scorching sun. As a result, the onset of cystitis.

Important! Wearing a wet swimsuit is especially dangerous for nursing mothers. The wet top of the product can cause lactostasis or mastitis.

To avoid unpleasant consequences

  • After leaving the pond, rinse. This allows you to wash off the remnants of bleach or salt.
  • Take a pair of swimwear with you. Stepping out of the pond, you can change the wet swimsuit to dry . Before this, it is necessary to wipe dry. If you wear an open swimsuit, it is enough to change the lower part.
  • Children need to change into dry clothes after each bath. If the baby has been in shallow water for a long time, rinse it with running water, and also change wet clothes to dry ones.
  • Men must change their swimming trunks to dry ones in the presence of diseases such as prostate adenoma, prostatitis. And also in the event that they prefer to wear the model “boxers” or “slips”.

Compliance with simple recommendations will avoid potential problems, and rest will leave only pleasant memories.