Why is the wallet constantly empty? Proper Money Handling

It seems to be just replenished the wallet, but it is empty again! Familiar situation? Alas, money does not hold on to many! You make the most stringent decisions, and make up your purchase plans, but they disappear anyway ... Knowledgeable people explain that the problem is in us! What are we doing that our money runs away from us? Or maybe we are not doing something important? Let's figure it out!

Money requires a special attitude!

You often meet people who complain that their money seems to be floating out of their hands. But who is to blame for this, maybe we ourselves? Money should be treated carefully and carefully, attracting them at the energy level .

In addition, money must be respected and given away without a sinking heart and without any signs of pity . You need to part with finances easily and accept them easily .

IMPORTANT! You do not need to think about money all the time, constantly counting them and forgetting about the simplest and most important joys of life.

It must be remembered that this is just paper, no matter how trite it may sound. Indeed, real joys are much more expensive !

Errors due to which money does not stay in the wallet

So, let's pay attention to the most important mistakes that we make regarding our finances.

  • We talk too much about them, and there is very little time left to earn them.
  • We boast about our extra income at every turn.
  • It has been inherent in us from childhood that money is evil, and evil means bad . And on a subconscious level, we are trying to abandon this very “evil”, without which we cannot survive in the modern world.
  • Sometimes it happens that a person does not like the business he is engaged in. Accordingly, an unloved occupation cannot be performed well . This means that they pay for such an implementation accordingly.
  • No need to envy anyone, you just need to concentrate on yourself . Then things will go uphill, and the salary will increase several times.
  • Our laziness creates a barrier for us in making money . That is, the time that you can spend on extra income, we spend on watching TV or actively participating in social networks.
  • We very often complain that we do not have funds for one or the other. No need to do this, money with whiners are not friends!

    We do not know how best to use the bills we have earned. And often we spend them on all nonsense, instead of investing them in business .

  • You can not be satisfied with low incomes. It is always necessary to try to earn more than you can. You should always set unattainable goals and work hard to achieve them.

What to do to get money

  • In one of the wallet branches there should be a lucky bill, it will certainly bring luck and financial stability to its owner.

  • Collectible or rare banknotes, coins also contribute to increasing the level of human wealth.
  • There is also a belief that a banknote, the last digit of which is 8, brings monetary prosperity.
  • They keep banknotes and prevent them from “flipping out” a cinnamon stick along with legumes, mint in any form, a leaf of heather, a four-leaf clover .
  • The Chinese have a custom to tie three coins with red thread .
  • Hieroglyphics of wealth, runes, and other graphic symbols will contribute to attracting wealth to the life of their master.
  • Some people carry a small mirror in their wallet and believe that, thanks to mirror image, their financial capital begins to grow.

Big earnings and tight wallets in which money is delayed!