Why on the train you can’t sleep on your bedding

Most traffic carried by Russian Railways captures both daytime and nighttime. Therefore, passengers have to sleep on the train. The standard procedure provided for by the rules of the railway in the Russian Federation provides for the issuance of a set of bed linen for each place on the train . The composition of this set depends on the type of car on which the ticket was purchased. And the price of it is included in the price of the ticket itself.

I want to sleep on my underwear!

A ticket buyer who plans a trip during the night hours may declare unwillingness to pay for a set of linen . In this case, its cost will be deducted from the ticket price.

But it’s important to take into account that if the cost of a bed set is deducted from the ticket price, then the conductor will not allow taking a public pillow, mattress and blanket . If the ticket provides for a place on the second shelf, and a set of linen was not purchased, then for the safety of the passenger only seat belts will be provided.

Important! It is forbidden to lay your own set on a mattress and pillow, which are the property of Russian Railways, due to sanitary and hygienic requirements.

This is done to exclude the possibility of infection in the common use of the mattress and pillow, through personal underwear.

And what does the railway offer?

If the passenger, when buying a ticket, does not declare that he refuses bedding, then the cashier will sell him a ticket, the price of which this service is already included in.

The price of the kit and its composition will vary depending on the type of car for which a passenger buys a ticket.


So, in January 2019, new tariffs for the provision of this service came into force. Naturally, the price will increase from a reserved seat to a place in a luxury carriage.

Reserved seat

The composition of a set of linen for a reserved seat is almost 150 rubles. It includes one unit of pillowcases and towels, as well as two sheets .


Pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers and towels are provided for one unit each . For this you will have to pay from 160 to 230 rubles. depending on the type of car. The price rises in the company train, in places of higher comfort.


A wagon in which there are only two seats in the compartment, that is, type SV, provides the passenger with an expanded set of linen. It consists of two towels and the same number of pillowcases, as well as one sheet and a duvet cover . That is, there are two pillows in bed. You will have to give about 290 rubles for such a pleasure, but only in an ordinary train and in a carriage in which increased comfort is not provided.

Branded train

For a branded train, a superior compartment is equipped with the same set of bed linen as for a regular train, but the price for it will already be 360 ​​rubles. Although the set remains the same.


The highest category - a ticket in a luxury carriage will be equipped with 1 sheet and a duvet cover, two pillowcases, the same number of towels and a bathrobe . All this pleasure will be available at a price of 720 rubles.

Important! Depending on the type of car and location, there is not only the composition of the laundry set, but also its quality.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that lingerie, of course, must be clean for any train and place . In addition, it must be sealed in a branded plastic bag .

But as for the deterioration of accessories for sleep and personal hygiene, then for reserved seats, its longer operation is allowed . This leads to the fact that sheets, pillowcases, towels can have a worn appearance. But in trains for CB wagons and luxury tickets, this condition of the bed kit is unacceptable.