Why is there a usb cable in my backpack?

In the conditions of modern urban life, most people use a variety of gadgets: smartphones, laptops and tablets. We use them not only at home, but also for study, work and even for a walk.

Many are familiar with the situation when the phone runs out at the most inopportune moment, and you urgently need to make a call or open a card. To prevent such a problem, a new accessory was invented - a backpack with a USB port. Let us consider in more detail why it is needed.

Why is this functionality necessary?

A backpack with built-in USB is a completely new, innovative model of accessories, with which you can not only conveniently and reliably carry your gadgets, but also, if necessary, charge them on the go.

How does he work?

The system of its use is quite simple and does not have any special difficulties. In addition to the backpack itself, your arsenal should also have a power bank or, more simply, a portable charger.

Inside the backpack there is a special pocket or compartment for the charger. In the same pocket there is a wire with a USB output, one end of which remains inside, and the other goes out through a special hole . Thus, you need to put the charger in your pocket and connect it to the wire.

Connect the other end of the cord to the phone: it will be outside the backpack. This is very convenient, because many people now carry the phone exclusively in the hands or pockets of their jackets.

Important! The hole through which the cable exits is always airtight in modern models. Do not be afraid that moisture will get into the backpack through it and wet the contents.

It is not necessary to pull the wire out. With it, you can also charge large gadgets that lie inside the backpack. A short posting from a power bank does not always do this job well.

Pros and cons of usb cable in a backpack

A model of a backpack with a wire is a very convenient thing. Among the greatest advantages are the following:

  • wide range of prices. The cost of such an accessory varies from 2 thousand to 8 thousand rubles. Most of the models do not exceed 3 thousand rubles ;
  • the volume of the backpack is 16–35 liters. It will fit not only a laptop, but also other necessary things;
  • the ability to charge gadgets both inside and out;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • impact resistance. Deforming such a backpack is usually quite difficult;
  • moisture resistance of both the knapsack itself and the cable;
  • it opens in different positions, so it’s very convenient to put things in and out of it;
  • good weight distribution, in connection with which the back and shoulders do not get tired;
  • some models are also equipped with a wire for audio playback.

In addition to the pros, there are several disadvantages of the usb cable in the backpack (for some, these disadvantages may be advantages):

  1. The charger is not included in the package, so you have to purchase it separately;
  2. since the backpack has a solid shape, in places with a large crowd of people, this can be inconvenient for both you and others . Therefore, always carefully remove it from the shoulders, but do not damage the wire;
  3. It’s not so easy to undo such a model on the fly: usually the lightning is hidden so that the thief cannot get to the contents.

Brands offering backpacks with usb

Now many brands produce accessories with the ability to charge gadgets. For example:

  • Swissgear - a Swiss company, many years in the market;
  • Tigernu is a Chinese company that specializes in the production of just such backpacks. Products are famous for their good quality and stylish appearance for little money;
  • Baibu - great models with charging function and anti-theft.