Why stars and Asians buy shoes one size larger

The mood for the whole day depends on correctly chosen comfortable shoes, every woman will confirm this. It is difficult to feel at ease, to be friendly, and to smile at everyone, if a heel of corn or a block of shoes strongly squeezed the foot. The most enterprising and resourceful of this world have figured out how to be at their best (in the literal sense of the word!) All day and at the same time avoid corns and other problems.

Who buys shoes one size larger

Most of us will answer this question - thrifty mothers. Indeed, they buy sandals and sneakers for children to grow. And so that the shoes do not slurp, put a piece of fleece in the sock, this method has long been known. Or, with a margin in size, they buy winter boots so that in severe frost there is an opportunity to warm themselves with a thick toe.

Recently, not only children have begun to use the same technique. It is mainly used by women who have to wear high-heeled shoes for a long time. Therefore, ladies want to make wearing shoes more comfortable. After all, it is the fair sex that, for the sake of grace of silhouette, grace and luxurious gait, heels are worn.

But in some Asian countries, women buy shoes for 1, or even 2, larger sizes, and they do this not only with stilettos.

Why do stars go in such shoes

There is no particular secret in choosing large-sized shoes - everything is simple. Public people: movie stars and pop stars, TV presenters and other representatives of the secular beau monde - are required to pose for hours, act in film and spend a day in heels. Louboutins and tall hairpins are beautiful, but horror is so uncomfortable! Even in young people, by the end of the event, the legs begin to swell, what can we say about a woman aged. To make it easier to endure a long stay in an upright position, celebrities began to resort to a simple way - to buy shoes of a larger size than needed. So they create the most comfortable conditions for their swollen legs. An enlarged foot due to edema does not rub the material of the shoes; the inconvenience with shoes is minimized.

Advice! If you are constantly on your feet on duty or stilettos are part of your dress code, you can also use the popular star method and shoe a size larger.

Why do women buy big shoes in Japan

Japanese women are great originals, only they have so many reasons to wear shoes 2 sizes larger. We have made a selection of explanations that will help to understand this tradition.

  • In Japan, unlike European countries, it is customary to take off shoes at home. Therefore, free shoes of any styles are bought: it is easier to remove and shoe .
  • Historically, Chinese and Japanese women wore uncomfortable wooden shoes. They mocked the girls' feet, swaddling them so that the leg was small. The small leg in ancient Asia was the standard of femininity. This is probably why modern women, as if protesting, wear large bulky shoes.
  • In boots, a size two or more than the required leg looks, according to Japanese girls, cute and childishly charming . Cute Japanese women play in contrast.
  • Underline sexuality . A leg easily slipping into a shoe looks more attractive than it is hardly squeezed into it with a shoe shovel.
  • In a humid warm climate , spacious slippers and shoes are not so hot .
  • The desire to avoid deformation of the foot with an uncomfortable tight pair.

And visitors to the country have an assumption that Asian women of fashion primarily pay attention to the beauty of the model. If you liked the shoes, then the size does not matter .

How to wear large shoes

Choosing a pair that is larger than necessary will have to adapt to it. After all, losing a shoe is only good in a fairy tale!

  • You can put a fleece in your sock in the old fashioned way, and in the second half of the evening, having felt that your legs are tired, remove it.
  • A more modern fixture is special silicone pads . They stick to the right place, preventing the shoe from slipping.
  • Double-sided tape helps to fix the shoe in place so as not to lose big boats at a crucial moment.

  • Know-how from Japan - special rubber bands-clamps for large shoes. They fix the shoes on the foot.