Why on the sneakers loop on the back

Have you noticed that on many models of shoes on the back there is a small eyelet? This is not just a decorative element of a certain model or brand. Such additions can be seen at many manufacturers. Its presence does not depend on this. The purpose remains unclear.

Eyelet on sneakers for what

It turns out that this is not just an element of decor, but a multifunctional and useful device. What is its use and how is it used, we will understand further.

Direct destination

Initially, she was conceived as a device that helps to wear sneakers. If there is no shoe spoon nearby and it is very tight, putting it on is not easy. Using the loop on the back will make it much easier to do this: grab the loop with your finger, pull and put on. Also, if the shoes are dirty, you need to wear them, but you don’t feel like touching the soiled surface - the eyelet will help. Its original purpose is not the only function that it is capable of performing.

Benefits during washing

  1. Big washing machines are popular in the USA, things get confused in them. So that the sneakers do not scatter over different parts of the drum, the American housewives came up with a reliable method. Before washing, the pair is bound with a lace and loops on the backs.
  2. The loop helps with drying shoes. Using clothespins, hook the shoes on the loops and hang them on a clothesline. Due to the fact that the loops are made of soft material and are located remotely, the shoes are not deformed. After drying, it will not leave traces or dents from clothespins.


To create the image, an interesting way of lacing using loops is used. The laces are first worn in the usual way, then threaded through the loop and tied around the leg. The method is also used when it is necessary to securely fix the shoes on the foot. Especially if they are great. REFERENCE shoelaces should be quite long and strong.

The eyelet has become a familiar and almost mandatory element in the decoration of sneakers. Therefore, many manufacturers add it not for the sake of benefit, but for decoration.


  1. Reflective surface. Sometimes, materials capable of reflecting light are used for sewing. This ensures pedestrian safety at night when hiking.
  2. If the trousers are constantly pulled up, and wearing high boots is inconvenient, it is enough to tuck the trouser leg into the loop on the back. While walking, trousers will not rise. The method is useful if you need to go through dirt or a puddle without dirtying your pants. REFERENCE the fixture should be located in the upper part.