Why sit on a pillow Moveton. Hygiene and signs

During sleep, a person should feel comfortable. Therefore, it is worth sitting on a pillow, because it is on it in the evening that you lay your head. Consider why this is not worth it yet.

Disrespect for a sacred object will be punished

Our ancestors paid special attention to bedding. It is in a dream that a person is especially vulnerable, and the pillow carries the special energy of the person who is sleeping on it.

Previously, it was impossible to leave the bed unmade, to crumple a blanket, to disrespect bedding. Sitting on a pillow was considered an insult.

In a dream, a person trusts all his thoughts, joys to her. For such rough treatment as sitting on it, this sacred object may well take revenge. Many believe that if you sit on a pillow, failures will certainly begin. And the fifth point can be covered with acne, itching will begin and there is even a chance of boils.

Nowadays, there is no such respect for objects, but it’s worth a second to think about it, or maybe they really keep all our wonderful moments in our memory, and we can just crush them and they will disappear forever.

Hygienic aspect

Having risen in the morning, did you suddenly feel unwell? Remember, but were you sitting on a pillow in the clothes you wore on the street? Many microbes are transferred from one subject to another in this way.

The causative agents of various diseases during sleep fall through the respiratory tract, mucous membranes, into the body, and the disease becomes inevitable. Absolutely unhygienic to sit on a bed in clothes. You just might not have noticed how you got on something dirty in the bus, car, on the bench.

Sitting on the pillow during the day, and not noticing that it is dirty, you have to change the pillowcase before bedtime. Agree, this will negatively affect your mood. After all, it would be much better to spend this time on an additional 15 minutes of a sound and healthy sleep. Even such a small amount of time can significantly improve your mood and well-being.

Who can and should sit on pillows

Back to the omens? It is believed that newlyweds are not only possible, but also need to sit on pillows. If you believe the signs, the bride and groom, who will sit on them during the celebration, will not need money in the future, their life together will be rich. Do not forget that pillows should be special - wedding.

Do not discourage luck, do not sit on the pillows! They protect our sleep from dark forces, protect us. Man is most vulnerable in a dream.

No wonder they used to cover pillows with special wraps with embroidered amulets, this protected from poor energy. Now there are a huge number of decorative options, if you are very uncomfortable sitting on a hard chair, you can use them, because they are intended for beauty, and not for sleep.

Remember to make the bed when you leave during the day. This will protect bedding from pollution, and you from diseases and negativity. Take care of your sleep and sacred objects that protect you.