Why should students wear uniforms and not teachers?

School uniforms for teachers are being actively discussed in Russia. If it disciplines students and rallies teams in other areas, then why not introduce it in schools for all?

Why not?

We meet people in uniform everywhere, and this is considered normal:

  • doctors in white coats;
  • workers in factories;
  • catering staff;
  • banks, hotels, shops of various formats and other institutions;
  • army and police.

Clothing emphasizes the status and highlights the desired employee in the crowd. For example, in a store, we always recognize the consultant for the color of a company shirt or vest, this helps to orient oneself.

Private schools and indoor gymnasiums already have a form for teachers.

How it looks and how practical

In most schools, there are certain limits that limit the permissible colors and styles, and only give free rein to designers, they will come up with and offer new solutions! The main thing is that in the end the clothes should be accessible to all teachers, including remote settlements.

Surveys showed that most of their participants believe that students are required to walk in uniform - this way their discipline is improved and their performance indicators are improved. Regarding the uniform for the teaching staff, the results are completely different: 63% of respondents did not approve of the venture!

What are the advantages:

  1. There will be no annoying situations when the teacher came to the lesson in an inappropriate dress or went too far with accessories.
  2. Ideal situation: high-quality fabric, elaborate silhouettes and the entire "banquet" at the expense of the employer.
  3. It is likely that the form will raise the prestige of the teaching profession.
  4. It will become easier to follow the dress code.

Disadvantages of entering uniform clothing

In fairness, it is worth mentioning the shortcomings of a single form for teachers. There is a technical side to the issue:

  • features of the figure will not be taken into account;
  • not all colors are equally suitable for everyone;
  • the quality of the fabric may be in question;

If you look at the photographs of the teams in the already entered form, you can see how the pencil skirt looks different. Yes, this is an almost universal subject, but even it must take into account some nuances!

An interesting opinion is being expressed: it would be much better to unite teachers not with the same sets of clothes, but with some stylish accessories: badges, scarves, the school logo.

The corporate spirit, expressed by the uniformity of style, unites and sets up for work. Feeling involved, it’s easier to enjoy the process. External control and organization have always distinguished teachers, so it will be easier for them to reorganize in a new way.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the idea itself is not bad, the main thing is to correctly bring it to life so that there are no excesses. The teacher is always in the spotlight and should look dressed stylishly and tastefully.