Why push-up bras were removed from billboards

Women know that among lingerie there are models that have a special effect on men. Such instances with a “killer” force, which the stronger sex cannot resist, include a push-up bra. He actually has a magical effect on men. And even in a sense, he “suffered” from his strength. Do you know that this bra is not allowed on billboards and banners? We will explain how and why this happened.

What is a push up bra

The female breast was and is the subject of pride of its owners and the object of fantasies of men.

At the end of the 80s of the last century, push-up bras became the most widespread.

IMPORTANT! Cups with a push-up effect not only lifted the chest, but also created a seductive hollow due to its design features.

The originality of the model

The invention of the push-up bra was intended for women with small breasts . The main goal was to increase the volume of this part of the body. However, in the future, the element of linen began to be popular with ladies with noticeable forms .

REFERENCE! The bra effectively emphasized and lifted the chest due to special lateral liners and straps located closer to the armpits.

Design features

Different types of interlayers are used in the models, for example, foam rubber, gel, oil or air. Inserts can be stationary or removable . This allows you to adjust the fit and shape of the chest depending on the depth of the cutout on the clothes.

Silicone or gel fillers are more often used in new swimwear models, since such materials are not afraid of moisture and keep their shape well.

IMPORTANT! For lovers of a healthy lifestyle, sportswear samples are produced. Now you can look attractive even in the gym.

Why push-up models disappeared from billboards

One of the first manufacturers of push-up bras is Wonderbra. In the mid-90s, this American brand became known thanks to an advertising company for its products. Lingerie was advertised very widely, including on roadside billboards.

IMPORTANT! The seductive model in underwear on huge shields made the women who put on these bras so attractive that motorists looked at them, forgetting to look at the road.

Because of this, the number of accidents has increased dramatically. To avoid unnecessary casualties, an important decision was made. Push-up bras should not be used on billboards along roads. And already finished billboards had to be disposed of.

Probably, many men regretted this decision ... It is good that there are so many attractive women in seductive bras in real life ...