Why make a button on shorts?

In some models of men's underpants there is a fly fastened with one button or several. And many do not understand why there is a button on shorts. There are several versions about this. Some of them are quite logical, but there are some that are logically unsubstantiated and ridiculous.

Why buttons on shorts: options

There are many options and purposes of buttons on shorts:

  • a few years ago, before they invented to insert an elastic band into them on underwear, they made a fastener so that it would hold well on a person and not fall off during any active actions;
  • for convenience, so that during the fulfillment of a small need, men can celebrate it without taking off their trousers;
  • so that the back side is not confused with the front part;
  • so that there is a difference between men and women;
  • for supporting function;
  • as a design element, for beauty;
  • so that women unbutton;
  • as a talisman;
  • hide the stash so that no one could find.

What is the function of the panty buttons?

The button is sewn on the fly of men's underpants so that it is comfortable for men. In order to not unfasten the belt and lower the trousers and underwear when fulfilling small needs, just unfasten the buttons and perform the necessary action.

Note! Not all men agree with this, many argue that it is much more convenient to remove trousers and underwear from oneself than to unbutton buttons and then fasten them. And therefore, very often they do not understand why there is a button on shorts.

But experts say that for men it’s not a standard large genital organ, there is a problem where the genital organ often falls out of the fly. In order to contain it, and there is a button on men's underwear. Using zippers to close the fly is not possible, because guys can hurt themselves and injure themselves while fastening.

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question; you can only decide for yourself which version is more plausible. Many men have not been able to understand why there is a button on shorts and under what circumstances it is used. Many of them tend to think that this element is a tribute to fashion trends, while others, on the contrary, argue that the button adds convenience when wearing underwear, this allows cowards to sit well on a person, and not to fall off, which often happens.