Why Japanese schoolgirls are forbidden tights

In each country there are features due to tradition, culture, religion, climate or some other reasons. Many already know the originality of life of the inhabitants of eastern countries and are not surprised by it. And yet we do not get tired of being surprised! Here, for example, an insignificant nuance from the life of Japanese schoolchildren. It turned out that in Japan the vast majority of students are forbidden to wear tights.

Schoolgirl uniform

Today’s Russian schoolchildren know about strict requirements for school uniforms only from stories. Today, an educational institution more often establishes requirements for appearance, less often dictates what exactly a student should wear.

And in Japan they did not refuse compulsory school uniforms.

In warm weather

The traditional form includes several basic things .

  • Skirt in dark colors. According to the rules, it should be up to the knee. In high school, the length is allowed a few centimeters shorter.
  • With a skirt they put on a blouse and a jacket with the emblem of their educational institution .
  • In some schools, golfs are part of the uniform.
  • Flat shoes or small heels. High-heeled shoes are not welcome in class.

In cold weather

Although the winters in Japan are not as severe as in our latitudes, snow and freezing temperatures are familiar to the Japanese. But even in cold weather, Japanese schoolgirls are forbidden to wear pantyhose under their skirts .

Important! The girl has the right to warm up with a knitted sweater. Some wear short shorts under the skirt to better protect themselves from frost and wind. You can wear elongated knee-high socks, warm leggings, but only with the permission of the school.

In recent years, the leadership of many schools has been moving towards children. As an option of a school uniform, in special cases they are allowed to wear tights or even trousers, a warm sweater or vest. But this practice is not yet widespread.

Reasons for banning tights for schoolgirls

This is not to say that things are calm with the ban. From time to time, parents raise the question of the ability to wear tights at least in the cold. But while the form for students has not changed.

There are several reasons for this ban.

Preserving Traditions

The Japanese are faithful to their cultural heritage, striving to abide by traditions. In this form, not only the parents of current students went to school, but also several generations of their ancestors. All of them underwent frosty weather, and today modern Japanese do it. Such fidelity to the ancestors strengthens the nation, residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are sure. And for youth this is only for the benefit.


Japanese houses do not have central heating.

Reference! Only in one, the coldest part of the country - on the island of Hokkaido - does central heating exist. In other regions of Japan, such a system is absent.

The Japanese have to be tempered. The country does not warm homes to excessively comfortable temperatures. The habit of tolerating low temperatures is formed from childhood. And the lack of tights has become one of the elements of the wellness system. I must say that students without tights, even in winter photos do not look suffering from the cold.

Positive impact on learning activities

There is one more reason. It is believed that this approach stimulates the learning activities of children .

The cold does not allow you to relax and be distracted from classes. Blood circulates through the deep blood vessels, better nourishing the brain. The Japanese are confident that because of this, the mental processes of children go faster, and academic performance does not fall.

Reference! In Japan, such incentives are often practiced. Many schools even have hard chairs specially designed so that students will not be distracted from the lesson.

Pantyhose is not the only ban for students

In Japan, pantyhose is not the only ban for young fashionistas receiving education.

  • Jackets with short sleeves, from under which the cuff of the shirt is visible, are not welcome.
  • Long skirts are possible in elementary grades. A high school student should wear a short skirt.
  • Bright jackets are unusual for Japanese students. The color of their outerwear is dark: black, dark gray, dark blue.