Why is it unprofitable to buy cheap lingerie

Lingerie is of particular importance for the weaker sex. It can seriously affect self-esteem, appearance and mood. In addition, beautiful lingerie helps a woman to feel self-confidence, to feel welcome and sensual. In retail outlets, we offer a wide selection of models for every taste and wealth. But is it worth saving on such things by purchasing items at the lowest cost?

Many ladies believe that since the linen is hidden from human eyes, it is not necessary to shell out. But this is not so! A bad model can not only disfigure you, but also harm your health. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

What disappoints cheap lingerie

Without a doubt, it can be argued that a thing purchased at the lowest price significantly saves your budget. And instead of one expensive item, you can purchase several inexpensive ones. But this is beneficial only at first glance. Disappointed in an unsuccessful purchase, a woman is looking for a replacement for her. Therefore, in fact, costs will only increase . And this happens for several reasons.

Poor material quality

Cheap fabric not only wears out quickly, which shortens the life of the product, which means that you will have to pay for new things more often.

Sanitary violation

The production conditions of these things also make us abandon models with attractive prices. Typically, such products fall on the shelves from Chinese underground workshops, where sanitary production standards are not respected. And as a result, tissue can lead to skin irritations.

Deformation susceptibility

Due to the use of low-quality materials, linen quickly loses shape .

This is especially true of bras, to which ladies have high demands. Instead of having to enjoy a bargain purchase every time, you have to postpone a cheap model, replacing it with a more reliable one.

Discomfort when using

Poor-quality tissue does not allow air to pass through and prevents the body from breathing, and also rubs the skin. Wearing such underwear, a woman feels uncomfortable. It is difficult to get rid of this feeling, there can be no question of any confidence!

Reference! In order for a woman to feel comfortable, the material from which the linen is made must be sufficiently elastic.

This is especially true for bras, because women's breasts without proper support, which should provide accessories and fabric, are pulled under their own weight.

So, saving once, you are likely to soon be forced to pay again for the purchase of linen! Or is it better to immediately buy a better kit, despite the fact that it costs more?

Signs of quality underwear

In order to choose comfortable, safe and high-quality linen, you should pay attention to several parameters.


The fabric from which the products are sewn can be either natural or with the addition of synthetics .

From natural materials, cotton, linen, satin and silk are suitable options.

As additives that provide underwear elasticity, the most suitable are polyamide, elastane, spandex and lycra.

The size

You should make sure that the items you buy are fully consistent with your size. For example, a large bra should have deep cups, they will cover the hemispheres of the chest well. As well as fairly wide straps that provide good support.

Quality of work

  • Pay attention to the absence of rough seams that can rub delicate skin.
  • In favor of the acquisition will speak the quality of the seams and the absence of protruding threads .
  • The top elastic should not be too tight . Otherwise, it will over-tighten the body, creating unpleasant or painful sensations and injuring the skin.


Check the straps for tensile properties. When stretched, the straps of a quality bra should quickly return to their original shape . If this does not happen, then they will quickly stretch and you will have to refuse the bra.


Poor quality will be indicated by appearance or tactile sensations. For example, the bones of a quality bra should not be felt when donning .

When choosing a model, metal hardware should be preferred. It will keep reliability in use much longer.

Of course, everyone decides to buy cheap or expensive underwear, but is it worth it to think about how the savings will turn out?