Why is it said about a lucky person that he was born in a shirt?

Each of us must have heard of people who escaped from misfortune, being in the balance of death. Fate saved many of them more than once, as if they had pulled out a lucky ticket. These minions of fortune evil rock as if bypasses. Today we will talk about those who are lucky literally from the moment of birth.

What does the expression “born in a shirt” mean?

This statement has become a symbol of incredible luck. So they say about people who miraculously escaped death or various major troubles . The shirt as an item of clothing has absolutely nothing to do with it, it only serves as an expressive image. The history of her choice as an example of a successful fate goes back to the distant past.

Where did this expression come from?

The phrase came from a time when children were born at home with the help of a midwife. The “shirt” called the amniotic fluid in which the baby is in the mother’s stomach . He served as a defense to the growing fetus. And “born in a shirt” called babies born with an unexploded fetal bladder . This meant that the bubble was too dense and elastic. A little man was born, covered with a natural shell. Such cases were rare, so it was believed that a happy fate awaited the child.

The forecast is based on pure physiology - the baby could suffocate in the bladder during childbirth, as the baby did not give him the opportunity to breathe. If the child survived, it means that he has been lucky since birth. And in the future he will not drown in water and will not burn in the fire. A powerful amulet will work in full force. In the end, the future lucky one becomes almost invulnerable. Such an epic hero!

Nowadays, giving birth “in a shirt” is not considered a sure sign of a happy and successful life. Now this common phraseology is applicable to all people whom the fortunate accident saved from certain death . Often, a catch phrase is used in relation to adventurers and adventurers who knowingly take risks.

Reference! It is worth saying that initially the expression sounded like "born in a shirt." The bladder was called a shirt much later.

The magical meaning of the proverb

In terms of magic, those born in a shirt have their mission on earth. They say that they have the ability to heal. They are endowed with a special aura: with a simple touch they can relieve pain or cure an ailment . It is generally accepted that such people sooner or later come to magic, even if at first they are very far from faith in the occult sciences. They have strong biocurrents. And these sorcerers with positive energy can beneficially affect the patient's body.

By the way! There have been cases when the fetal bladder remained on the baby's head. Such children were called "born in a cap."

We humans are always inclined to believe in miracles. We are always waiting for the moment when fortune knocks on our door. We are looking for different ways to attract good luck.

In the past, one of the most effective ways was to purchase the shirt in which the baby was born. According to popular tradition, fate promises unprecedented happiness to the owner of such a “capsule”. It was believed that even after the birth of a child, she does not lose her amazing ability to bring good luck. How to get a mascot? Well, if you were not lucky enough to be born in a shirt yourself, then you can always borrow success from those who are more fortunate in life. Some simply bought it from women in labor or midwives. Others, to attract good luck, took this item for a while.

Interesting! There was a belief that a person is lucky, while his native shirt is kept intact. Her destruction meant the end of luck. Therefore, the mothers kept the film coating of the child in a safe place inaccessible to the prying eyes. Often it is rolled up into the ground when folded, and for better storage it was pre-dried in the sun. If after drying the shirt acquired a reddish tint, then this meant that a happy and long life awaits the child. Black color meant trouble.

What does science say?

Magic is magic, but let's look at a phenomenon from the side of science. She advises not to believe in the special destinations of people born in a shirt. Everything is in the head of a person: how he programmed himself, so be it. And all sorts of unproven theories about the actions of omnipotent robes are nothing more than a whim. Pragmatic science does not believe in hypotheses not supported by accurate evidence.

However, scientists are talking about other properties of the ovarian bladder that are more useful for society: it has a rejuvenating effect and can be used as a component in the production of cosmetics . And also his artificial “clone” can be effectively used in medicine. With it, you can save the lives of babies born long before the deadline prescribed by the doctor. Toddlers are placed in their natural environment and lie there until they get stronger.

A completely different matter! This is real, measurable and tangible success, isn't it?