Why is it profitable to have gold shoes

Even ladies who do not like bright and pompous dresses should buy at least one pair of gold-colored shoes! After all, these are universal shoes ! She becomes a good addition to the evening outfit, looks good with everyday clothes. The main thing is to learn how to properly combine it with the rest of the details.

Pros of golden shoes

The color of the noble metal symbolizes luxury and wealth, so it immediately ennobles any outfit with which it is worn. These shoes are a great solution for creating an individual look. She has many undeniable advantages, here are some of them.

  • Fits well in a street style if worn under jeans with a sweater or jacket;
  • looks glamorous with jeans, a plain top and a gold clutch;
  • perfectly complements a white pantsuit or white dress;
  • an evening gown of noble color (black, red, burgundy) will sparkle with new colors if you put on such shoes with them and end the look with gold jewelry;
  • the office image immediately looks more festive complete with gold shoes.

Gold shoes, like any other, require careful care. Sometimes a simple damp cloth is not enough, and refreshing your favorite shoes would not hurt.

Reference! For the care of shoes, many large manufacturers began to produce gold cream. It helps maintain the condition of shoes, sandals, low shoes, ankle boots and other shoes at height.

How to wear gold shoes

By choosing clothes and shoes correctly, you can create an individual image that will suit any woman.

Wedding Dress

This is the best combination you can think of with a wedding outfit. If you have not yet decided on the shoes for the wedding, this will be a win-win option .

Advice! In this case, the dress should be chosen not crystal white, but beige, pale pink or champagne.

A sophisticated and elegant bride will delight guests with her exquisite outfit all evening. And the newlyweds, friends and relatives will keep the memories of the luxurious wedding for a very long time.

Office Style

Perfectly strict strict everyday routine ballet shoes or pumps in the shade of precious metal.

If you wear pants, you get a business casual bow. With a pencil skirt or a strict dress, you can create an evening festive look, like that of Angelina Jolie.

Summer sundress

For walks in the sultry city, a sundress or dress made of light fabric is ideal.

The duo can be supplemented with jewelry and a small clutch for a phone, money and cosmetics.

Evening dresses

Plain dresses of noble colors in combination with high -heeled shoes will create a wonderful impression on the taste of women. Black, red, burgundy, dark blue dresses on the figure will ideally fit into the evening look.

Solemn outfit

If you have a performance in front of a large number of people at a charity evening or concert, then golden shoes will help out in this situation. Elegant, but not shiny dress, complemented by bright makeup, will help you feel confident and not worry on the stage.

What shades to combine

Gold is a natural metal. Therefore, it should be combined with the color scheme that exists in nature .

Successful combinations

The black

A noble image will turn out with a long evening dress, trouser suit .

Important! The color should be as dark as possible. A washed and faded fabric will look very cheap.


Another universal color. It symbolizes purity and innocence. If you don’t know what to wear, choose white items like Beyoncé.


Soft pink shades are perfectly combined with shoes and jewelry in the color of precious metal. The image is very delicate and airy.

Blue and cyan

Sky colors muffle flashy gold a little. Use clothes of such shades when you do not pursue the goal of drawing the attention of others to your shoes.


The combination of red and gold is the most profitable option for special occasions . The image will be very festive, bright and unforgettable.

Green and warm shades of yellow

It is not for nothing that autumn is commonly called golden! After all, the whole palette of shades that can be seen in nature in autumn looks great with this color.

Green, orange, brown and bright yellow can be safely combined with such shoes or sandals.

What you should not wear

Important! The total outfit of gold color is a vulgar and tasteless option. This also applies to too many jewelry made of this precious metal.

Professional fashion designers have several taboos for images with this shoe.

  • Animal prints : black and white strip, leopard. It will look unnatural and very cheap.
  • With sportswear : sweatshirts, hoodies, home pants, sports leggings.
  • With multi-colored jeans and pants in acid colors .
  • With dark and colored tights.

Now you understand that some gold shoes or sandals will help you out more than once!