Why is it not so hot in wide black clothes as in white

I remember that from childhood we were all taught that in summer you should wear light clothes. You understand with age - a mistake crept into this reasoning. Having been in hot countries, I drew attention to the locals and their dark outfits of wide cut. What is the advantage of such clothes?

Remember physics and history

From a scientific point of view, white color reflects the entire spectrum, so our eye sees the absence of color. We argue further: white clothing reflects solar heat from the outside and at the same time heat from our body. Black clothes will absorb the heat inside and out, increasing overheating. But a spacious cut will allow the wind to ovoid the body, saving us from the heat, and much more effective than white robes!

A good example: polar bears live in the north, and in the latitudes with a warmer climate animals have dark hair! Nature itself takes care of animals, allowing some to feel great in the cold, and others in the heat.

The nomads of the Sahara desert have long preferred dark blue spacious robes, and this is not a momentary whim, but for centuries a proven effective cooling system for the body. Residents of southern countries can easily endure even 50 degrees of heat!

Black clothes conducts two thermal processes at once . The heat comes from the sun down and is taken back, and although light fabrics will reflect more rays, none of the inhabitants of the southern countries will voluntarily remain in white clothes under the sun. And moreover, none of them will buy a tight-fitting sweater or topic! Tunics and capes provide excellent air circulation, which naturally removes excess heat.

In 1978, conducted a study of the color of birds. In the heat without wind, white plumage is most effective, and when the breeze rises, dark fluffy feathers become the best option.

Why choose black in summer

With the dominance of multi-colored fabrics and prints, I want to stand out against the general background. There are two ways: choose the brightest blouse or plain sundress. So, I will give four weighty arguments in favor of black.

  1. Mystery fleur suits all girls, regardless of age and style. This is an eternal classic outside the genre and time.
  2. Always relevant on the beach, allowing you to stand out with strict elegance.
  3. Spacious outfits will bring relief even in the midday heat.
  4. It blends perfectly with other colors. In fashion collections, there are often dark geometric patterns.

Stylish tips for heat

I put together effective tips on how to dress in the summer to look stylish and maintain a comfortable body temperature.

  1. Give preference to free things that allow air to circulate. Suitable options with wide sleeves, A-silhouette. Instead of skinny jeans, it is better to opt for flying skirts.
  2. Discard tight underwear! It should “breathe” and not create a “greenhouse effect”.
  3. In summer, wear outfits made of natural fabrics: silk, linen, cotton.
  4. Leave skirts with lining for cool days.
  5. Metal has the property of heating, so it is recommended to abandon large jewelry.
  6. Pay attention to elegant hats and light scarves, they help to hide from the scorching sun.
  7. Massive bags made of genuine leather heat up very well, so you should stock up on small bags for the summer.
  8. Choose open or perforated shoes.

It is not recommended to get involved in shoes with numerous narrow straps. Legs swell much more often in summer, so there is an increased risk of severely rubbing the skin.

What is it? Wide black clothes will be a salvation from overheating, so it is worth moving away from old prejudices and updating your wardrobe! This method has been tested for centuries by many nations, so why not adopt good traditions?