Why is it not recommended to put old clothes on rags?

In families, huge deposits of things often accumulate that households no longer carry. But throwing them away is a pity! The problem is solved simply - on rags! And already after use in the trash. However, one important “but” must be taken into account. According to popular belief, personal items of clothing should not be thrown out or thrown on rags . What to do with old clothes in this case? Let's figure it out together.

Why are folk signs forbidden to make rags from old clothes?

Clothing is an integral and very specific part of our everyday life. Where to put things that are no longer used? This issue is especially acute in young mothers whose children grow up very quickly. So, the number of obsolete things is growing exponentially.

Energy accumulation

Constantly in contact with the body, she receives a huge share of our energy . She stays there even after things stop wearing. This is the main reason that old clothes should not be allowed on rags.

Important! If the hostess is not superstitious, then no problems arise. But superstitious ladies, as a rule, try to find other ways to get rid of unnecessary clothes.

Why are rags not the best option?

The main reason for the inability to use old clothes to clean the floor is the fact that the rag will collect dirt and debris .

Popular experience assures that this will bring unhappiness to the former owner of a sweater or other thing used for cleaning .

A similar situation with rags for dust .

Important! It is believed that dirt that has fallen on old things contributes to the deterioration of the aura of the person who wore it. And also brings trouble for him.

How to relate to signs and to old clothes?

Each housewife must decide for herself what to believe in and how to use outdated household clothes more correctly. Superstition is, of course, an important part of our lives. But blind trust in all signs can lead to the fact that the house will be littered with old things that interfere with life .

Important! Since signs dictate not to use things to collect garbage and dirt as a rag, you need to abandon this idea and find ways to rationally use old things.

Rags are not the only option

There are several ways to disassemble your wardrobe without throwing things away.

  • Hand out clothes to friends and relatives . A good thing that still looks good can be presented to someone from relatives or friends, if this is acceptable in your circles. True, if the clothes are already in an unpresentable form, it is unlikely that anyone would want to have them at home.
  • Pass on to those in need . If the clothes still have a presentable appearance and can serve another person, they can easily be turned over to various funds to help the poor family and the homeless.
  • Keep at home . This option also exists. But psychologists advise not to litter the space around them. This contributes to the deterioration of the emotional state and quality of life.
  • Give to animal shelters . A rag can also be useful! Animal shelters constantly need various rags and bedding.

Frankly old and worn things can be taken out in the trash, because they can not serve even longer. But if possible, it is better to rinse your clothes first. According to popular belief, water will cleanse it of the accumulated energy and will not harm anyone.