Why IKEA and Europe sell linens without sheets

Beautiful and high-quality linens are the key to a healthy sleep and a good rest. A large selection of textiles is presented in the IKEA store . However, many buyers are surprised by the lack of a sheet in a set of bed linen. It turns out that selling bedding sets - the rule is not for everyone.

Russians are used to kits

Russian customers are accustomed to ready-made complete sets, which always include a sheet. The manufacturers accustomed them to this. Depending on individual requests, trade offers us a wide variety of sets. They are designed for single or double beds, take into account different sizes of pillows. You can find a kit for the child and his small bed or family sets with two duvet covers. But all of them already have a sheet !

European tradition: customer care?

Many consumers have already appreciated IKEA not only for having a wide variety of beautiful things, but also for their practicality. The company is considered one of the most responsible manufacturers in the world .

Important! Since 2016, all materials used for sewing linen are produced in the most environmentally friendly way. Tissue bleaching occurs without the use of bleach.

The range of prices for textile products in IKEA is large. It depends on the density of the fabric, which is measured by the number of threads per inch. Different-priced sets allow you to purchase textiles taking into account the material capabilities of the buyer.

What is included in the bedding set

Pointing out the advantages of textile sets, it is necessary to note an important detail that surprises our customers.

Important! The bedding set in IKEA is made by analogy with European traditions. They relate to items in the kit. It consists of a pillowcase and duvet cover.

It is proposed to choose a sheet yourself . The standard sizes of linen in IKEA are as follows:

  • single ( 150 × 200 cm ) includes a duvet cover and one pillowcase ;
  • double ( 200 × 200 cm ) includes a duvet cover and two pillowcases ;
  • standard pillowcases - 50 × 70 cm .

All bedding in the store is presented in two size ranges. The only exceptions are summer sets and a limited New Year series.

It is worth noting that all the components of the products are thought out to the smallest detail: they have convenient fasteners, which are absolutely not visible from the front.

What is convenient for IKEA equipment

The experience of Europeans and our customers using IKEA kits convinces: this approach is really convenient!

At first, the lack of a sheet may seem impractical. But in the end, women understand that it is much more profitable. After all, it is the sheet that wears out much faster . Here you can buy it for a replacement.

Such a set is convenient with the ability to choose bed linen for different sizes of beds and sofas . The pillowcase and duvet cover do not know what type of mattress they will have to “side by side”.

Where to buy a sheet

As a rule, they are sold here and have a large color palette and different sizes that correspond to standard store mattresses. Important for customers is the ability to choose a plain sheet (white or another shade) or with the same print as the selected set.

Attention! The store shows examples of a beautiful combination of sheets and bedding.

Customers also like the fact that you can find an ordinary sheet or a stretch sheet on a reznik. There are many options, even for the most picky buyer. The sheet, as a rule, is sewn from a denser and more expensive fabric and at a price close to the cost of the kit.

Important! The size of the sheets matches the parameters of standard store mattresses.

A sheet in IKEA can also be bought in exchange for the worn out old from the Russian kit. Thus, the Swedes save whole sets and give them a second life.

Important! In addition to sheets, pillowcases can also be purchased separately.

Indeed, according to European tradition, there should be several pillows on the bed: one of them should be combined with a duvet cover, and the other with a sheet.

Bed linen is the subject of special attention of the hostesses. The choice of kit depends on the taste of the person and the characteristics of the bed. Properly selected textiles last a long time and do not lose their appearance after many washes.