Why has it become fashionable to go without a bra?

A few years ago, to put on a top on straps or a dress with an open back, women were forced to experiment with silicone straps. However, fashion is changeable, and many world-famous designers and celebrities are actively introducing images without a bra. Then read about the features of wearing clothes without this piquant accessory.

Why did the trend “without a bra” appear in fashion?

From the very beginning of its appearance, the bra has been ambiguously accepted by public opinion. Some people saw this as a symbol of oppression of the female body. It should be noted that the women's rights movement coincided with objections to wearing a bra. The fashion of walking without a bra is rapidly gaining momentum. We give weighty arguments for this trend:

  1. Improvement of blood circulation. Narrow straps squeeze the vessels on the back and arms. It is scientifically proven that even for sports it is not necessary to wear this accessory. Active breast movements during running and other exercises have a beneficial effect on blood movement and lymph outflow.
  2. Profitability. A quality bust will cost its owner a decent amount. In addition, each girl should have several product options for different clothes and occasions. Therefore, a complete refusal to wear a bra will significantly save.
  3. Recovery. Many women note that the rejection of the bust significantly reduces the appearance of acne and other skin diseases.
  4. Normalization of sleep and rest. You should know that it is not advisable to sleep in a bra, as it squeezes the chest and makes normal breathing difficult.
  5. The increase in the size of the bust. Significant changes, of course, will not happen, but the pectoral muscle will definitely strengthen.
  6. The complexity of the selection. Manufacturers offer many products of various styles and designs, which can be very difficult to understand.
  7. Possibility to wear clothes with a large neckline on the back.

Rules for wearing clothes without a bra

When refusing a bra, observe the following rules:

  • the material from which the blouse is made should be moderately transparent. Otherwise, the chest will be clearly visible under clothing;
  • it is undesirable to wear a bra with clothes of light tones, as it is well “see through”;
  • white clothing is better to choose from a dense fabric;
  • for a large breast, it is important to choose a shirt of a suitable shape and size;
  • the neckline should not be too deep.

Important! There is a little trick of wearing clothes without a bra: protruding nipples can be sealed with special stickers or a regular adhesive.

What can you wear without a bra?

In order not to cause bewilderment of others, it is necessary to select clothes from high-quality and opaque fabrics. Clothing should not be very thin, and if possible have a lining.

Particularly careful should be worn well-stretched fabrics, as in a compressed state, the thing may look good, and when put on, the effect of translucence may result. You can safely wear t-shirts and basic t-shirts without a bra.

Attention! In the hot heat, many women dream of getting rid of a bra, which is hot and uncomfortable.

Images without a bust that you can or cannot afford

If we are talking about an evening look, then you can safely put on a dress of a complex cut on a naked body, as well as a tuxedo. In this case, the visible shape of the textured fabric or webbing will be a bad tone.

In everyday life, they do not suppose wearing underwear a tunic dress, a bodysuit with shorts and a T-shirt on thin straps. Do not go without a bra to business negotiations, studies, exams and formal events . This is especially true for owners of a magnificent bust.

Reference! Instead of a bra, you can wear a combination dress or tunic. This applies to layered images.

Many women consider the mandatory wearing of a bra a relic of the patriarchy. Refusal from a bra is a personal desire of each woman. In addition, recently it has also become a fashionable trend, actively gaining momentum.