Why hairpins don't stick in my hair

To create hairstyles, hairpins have again become popular. However, they often slip out of the hairstyle, do not hold it. This happens for two reasons: the wrong choice of accessories and inept fixing. We will teach you how to deal with this problem.

Which studs to choose for a secure fit

To create beautiful and complex hairstyles, hairpins are needed. Whatever styling you make: business, elegant, strict or wedding - you can not do without clamps. For strong fixation, you need to choose the right hair clips for your hair. Selection criteria: reliability and safety.


Studs are of the following types:

  • direct;
  • wavy;
  • toothed;
  • flat;
  • voluminous;
  • spiral.

Selection options

To determine which studs fit, you need to consider several parameters.


Important! For short hair, it is better to take small hair clips from 4 to 7 cm. And for long and heavy use accessories from 7 cm.


  • Straight lines are mainly used to fix strands at the temple, and serrated to fix the main hairdo .
  • It is better to choose wavy and long hairpins, they are guaranteed to preserve the appearance of your image.
  • Spiral also securely fasten curls. They are screwed into the hairstyle, and one or two pieces are quite enough for fixing.


Accessories for attaching hairstyles can be metal, plastic and wood .

  • The most common metal invisibles. They are stronger, but can injure hair and scalp.

Important! Metal clips should have balls on their ends. They protect hair and skin from damage.

  • Plastic and wood are safer, but they break more often .

How to fasten the studs so that they hold

Advice! Choose flexible and durable hair clips. They will securely fix the hair and they are convenient to use.

To learn how to use such accessories, you need training.

Terms of use

  • You should start with simple hairstyles, and then move on to more complex ones.
  • It is more difficult to attach curls to loose hair than to the tail. In order to fix the lock, it is worth spraying the hairpin with varnish . And also fix the lower strand with invisibles, and pin them with a hairpin.
  • To fix a voluminous and heavy strand, you need to create a frame of hairpins, where each subsequent hairpin secures the tip of the previous one . Hair will be firmly attached to such a frame.
  • It is worth combing the strand from the inside and sprinkle with varnish to make the curl stronger.
  • Hairpins should be inserted first towards the root of the hair, and then to the side .

Advice! The strand will hold better if the hairpin is inserted with wavy movements, as if you were piercing hair.

In order for the hairpins to hold hair tightly, it is worth using the simple methods described in this article. Experiment! Use decorative accessories to create an elegant and vibrant look. Now on the market there are a huge number of different invisibility with rhinestones, stones, patterns of various shapes and colors. Pick the ones you like best. And remember, the more often you create hairstyles, the better they will be obtained from you.