Why glasses should not be worn on the head

Glasses for protection against bright sunlight are a favorite summer accessory of women and men. But many people prefer to use it for other purposes. Ladies move them up, as if fixing their hair. Do not do this! Why? We will tell in more detail.

Etiquette does not recommend!

Important! This technique, no matter how attractive and sexy it may seem to you, does not add style and attractiveness! On the contrary, it serves as a confirmation of the lack of taste.

The following rules of etiquette formed the basis of this prohibition.

Only on the street!

This thing can be worn only on the street and only when the sun shines brightly. Agree, in this case it does not occur to anyone to push them up!

After all, their main purpose is to protect the organs of vision from ultraviolet radiation, the content of which in sunlight is quite high.

Important! It is considered especially wrong to hide your eyes behind dark glasses when talking with a person.

Indeed, an important detail in the dialogue is eye contact. Remaining with glasses, you show disrespect to the interlocutor and demonstrate that you are not negotiating something.

For hair - other hair clips!

If you put on glasses specifically to maintain your hair, then again violated etiquette! Glasses should be used only for their intended purpose, and not be a hairpin for hairstyles. Or “kokoshnik”, as the TV presenter and fashion expert A. Vasiliev called them.

Where to put glasses when they are not used

With this use, there is a risk of breakage from any careless movement. In addition, the lenses are scratched, which affects the protective characteristics. It may also be harmful to your eyesight.

It would seem so convenient: with one gesture to move the glasses up. And where to put them, so as not to violate etiquette rules? You can use the following traditional places to store your accessory.

Case or Case

Carry a special case or case in your purse. In this quality, you can use a soft hand-made bag. For example, knitted or crocheted, sewn from dense fabric or leather.

The cover is good in that in addition to the main purpose, you can store a special napkin for wiping the glasses in it.

Important! Many people hide glasses in a purse without a case. But this method can spoil them. The surface of the lens is very sensitive to damage.

On the chain

You can attach a long chain to the temples of the glasses and hang it on the neck. Then the accessory will hang on the chest at a time when you do not need it.

Important! Another etiquette rule advises not to leave glasses on the table when visiting a restaurant or cafeteria. Such a gesture is also regarded as a sign of an ill-mannered person.

Of course, these tips are for guidance only. It is up to you to decide whether to comply with etiquette rules or to show others that you neglect them.