Why is folding inside out a bad sign?

In the rush of modern life, it happens to handle clothes haphazardly - pop into a cabinet crumpled or carelessly folded inside out. The ancestors of this would never have allowed!

Why you can’t store things inside out: omens

Folk wisdom provides several explanations for the inadmissibility of such handling of clothing:

  • like everything around, the clothes are “living”: feeling carelessness of the relationship, they may be offended - then not see more new things, as Fedora once was left without dishes;
  • life will go "inside out" - to match the way things are stored;

Advice! Happened in a hurry to put in a closet a sweater or a T-shirt turned inside out? The all-knowing grandmothers recommend: a four-fold white thread will help neutralize future troubles. Putting it in the closet, after three days, remove and discard!

You can inadvertently put on in such an incorrect form - and then trouble is guaranteed!

An old sign - to be beaten, putting hope on inward, is understandable: this happens in an inflated state, provoking scandals. Then the fight is not far! A sweater worn backwards has a similar effect.

Advice! Found improperly dressed clothes? Change immediately without repeating the mistake!

However, sometimes a thing worn inside out portends only a new thing: if you do not distinguish the inside from the outside, then it's time to go to the store for new clothes.

It is not forbidden to put underwear inside out: underpants or a T-shirt with seams to the outside will bring good luck and protect from the evil eye no worse than a talisman.

From ancient times it was believed among the Slavs: turning all the clothes inside out, you can drive away any devil. They cured of the epilepsy by throwing the patient’s things prepared in this way through the roof, digging them into the ground at the landing site. They also used this method in family magic, using sheepskin coats with their fur outward. They were caroling in them, depicting animals - the time of carols was “time opposite”, when everything changes places.

Why do some people intentionally turn things inside out?

There are several possible reasons:

  1. to further protect clothing from contamination;
  2. there is a habit of washing, rinsing and drying it, turning inside out.

The first case raises doubts - if clean clothes get dirty in a closet that is isolated from dust, maybe you should wipe the closet itself? However, the problem is understandable if there are cats or dogs in the house: their hair can penetrate anywhere.

Modern industry regularly supplies various cases and bags for clothes to household goods stores, designed to solve the problem. But - do not forget to ventilate the things stored in them! It will also require protection from moths - pills and sprays, or - personally collected tansy, wormwood, lavender. Shag from a tobacco shop will do. It is better to store seasonal clothes for storage on a waning moon.

The second case is associated with a long-rooted omen: if you wash an unwrapped thing, its owner will fall ill. Before, only the clothes of the deceased were washed in this way. However, it is better to dry already in the “right” position!

Advice! Jeans are washed in a similar way beyond acceptance - to maintain the uniformity of color.