Why don't Germans wear dresses? Is it true?

Bright makeup, short skirts, seductive dresses - this is not about women from Germany. They prefer comfortable clothes, and hairpins are left for special occasions. So what happened that now they began to look like men?

German trend

The Germans in fashion left only two main criteria:

  • practicality,
  • availability.

Our women find it absolutely normal to wear stilettos during the day, remaining fragile creatures in men's eyes. Germans, on the contrary, prefer a sporty style, short haircuts and a complete rejection of tinsel. Sometimes you can still meet young girls in velveteen or denim skirts, but on their feet they will most likely have men's rough-cut shoes or torn tights in a deliberate hippie style.

In this I see a huge advantage. In the morning they quickly get ready for work, there is no painful choice between a yellow dress with black polka dots or a red sundress on the floor, think about what bag to take, how to tint your eyes today . Then the run on the ice in heels ... No, they are all simple! Dressed calmly, you can not dye, and short haircuts do not require long styling.

Where did it come from

Back in the mid-twentieth century, Germans flaunted a refined wardrobe, but from the mid-60s the situation began to change dramatically. Feminist Alice Schwarzer declared war on femininity, a lot of followers gathered under her banner who did not want to become toys of men.

It is believed that an attractive woman becomes a lower being, becoming dependent on men, so you should abandon cosmetics and skirts.

The indefatigable energy of the feminists did their job, and in a rather short period of time, a real cultural revolution took place in the nation. Do not forget that the seeds fell on the fertile soil of the Lutheran part of Germany! They have a tendency to simplicity and piety in their blood.

Rational clothing

In the end, what do we get? A practical and simple wardrobe that allows you to easily get to work on foot or by bicycle. Judging by the notes of those who have visited Germany, middle-aged women like to repaint themselves in brunettes, while our compatriots fight for luxurious blonde curls. It is noted that sometimes Germans do not even spend time on special styling and hairstyles.

German men continue to take good care of themselves, dress with style and watch the hairstyle!

Separately, I want to note and praise the absence of fur coats. For a long time there has been a trend towards the refusal to kill animals for the sake of skins, the industry offers wonderful alternative options. In Germany, modern manufacturing of materials with membrane technology has been put on a grand scale.

In clothes made from such fabrics, it is warm in winter and cool in summer.

What is fashionable in Germany now

So, what do they wear if they abandoned dresses, skirts and lace blouses?

Comfortable shoes. The most common shoes are ballet shoes, sneakers, gym shoes, that is, everything that does not have high heels. Remember: comfort always comes first! It is easier to get to work in low-heeled shoes than stilettos.

Many streets are still covered with paving stones, which you can’t walk otherwise.

Trousers. Equal rights with men in the end led to the fact that the dresses hang in the closet in anticipation of a special high point, they are “walked” only on major holidays. The rest of the time, Germans wear jeans, trousers or pants, becoming more and more like men. At work, it is impossible to see someone in a feminine outfit.

Light shades. Light gamut is in special demand. On the street you can often find women dressed in yellow, blue and beige colors. Black hoodies and lots of ruffle pleats are not welcome here.

Dim accessories. No diamonds in the afternoon! This rule is common throughout Europe. Instead of bright jewelry or jewelry, preference is given to silver, earrings, carnations, stylish watches without unnecessary decor. Laconicism is respected in every detail.

Scarves around the head. A bright accent becomes a scarf. They are wrapped around their neck several times, using instead of voluminous necklaces.

The pedantry of the inhabitants of Germany is known to all. If you are doing something, then it is serious and for a long time, so I don’t think that in the near future it is worth opening a business selling dresses and stilettos.