Why does silk underwear add confidence to a woman?

Appreciate comfort and good mood? Do you like the feeling of self-confidence? Underwear made of natural silk will help you with this. How to choose this important part of the women's wardrobe, we will tell further.

The connection of female psychology and lingerie

How to feel beautiful and get rid of complexes? This question has always worried the female half of humanity. The direct connection between the luxurious sets of underwear and the balance of the nervous system of girls is confirmed by scientists.

The Americans conducted a whole scientific study of how the quality of underwear affects women's mood and increased self-esteem.

100 shy by nature girls were specially selected. Not only that, 70% of them were single, and never had any relationship with men. The subjects were divided into four groups, and offered to wear a certain type of linen twice a week for thirty days:

  • the first group wore revealing peignoirs and body;
  • the second is romantic ensembles;
  • the third - original patterned linen in the style of "comfort";
  • for the control group of twenty women everything was as in their ordinary life.

The results of the experiment speak for themselves. For this period:

  • 55% of the participants met guys;
  • 70% - noticed male attention to themselves.

It is interesting that 80% of the total number of girls noted a special feeling of optimism and confidence that arose in their erotic lingerie.

How does luxurious silk lingerie affect her mistress?

The female reaction to beautiful new things is so strong that it can easily change all the established landmarks.

A survey conducted by scientists six months later showed an unusual transformation of the former participants in the experiment. Lonely people found a mate, and 30% of them are already seriously thinking about creating a family. Following the example of friends, those girls for whom it was not originally proposed by the research organizers also bought luxurious lingerie.

This once again proves to all mankind that the female mood is impossible to predict, for the most part it depends on the inner self-awareness of the beauty . But it can be influenced from the outside, increasing the level of self-esteem.

Not so long ago, psychology became interested in this issue . Specialists in this field have analyzed how underwear (made from silk, satin, etc.) affects the emotional side of a woman's character .

The conclusions of psychologists are quite interesting: a depressed mood encourages a woman to wear natural “comfort” lingerie. Do not follow up on momentary sensations. Shake yourself! Put on a graceful ensemble! And you will immediately feel an extraordinary rush of positive.

On a note! Becoming a queen is easy! In no case do not save on underwear. A correctly selected high-quality kit will make your forms mouth-watering and your mood elated.

Cheap things are unlikely to be comfortable and fit well in shape. Even if you cover them with a chic outfit, I do not think that this will help the girl overcome psychological discomfort.

Silk lingerie in a women's wardrobe

Any self-respecting woman will not fail to replenish her wardrobe with stylish silk underwear for all occasions. And it will be a mistake to consider that this is all for the sake of a partner. Psychologists are sure - all this is for yourself, beloved.

To develop their hidden resources, natural silk will help the beautiful half of humanity. There are several fashionable options for such underwear:

  • "Flirty romance";
  • “Satin passion”;
  • "Lace naivety."

Important! Sexologists recommend that women, for the sake of men, wear monophonic elegant “classics” trimmed with lace and pleasant to the touch.

But this is true only for evening romantic dates. In other situations, choose any model you like. Don't be afraid to be extravagant and sexy if it makes you happy.

Most women share their lingerie according to their purpose:

  • romance with and without continuation;
  • business life;
  • walking models;
  • sports;
  • for friendly parties.

Some make a choice spontaneously, guided by a momentary impulse.

No stylish lady can do without corrective underwear. Let this remain her little secret, but the feeling of her own attractiveness greatly enhances the silhouette fit that he creates.

And yet - do not sleep in anything! Elegant and elegant nightgowns and pajamas are the key to physical comfort, nourishing female self-esteem.

How to choose and wear lingerie?

Fashionistas should consider several points:

  • the top of bad taste and bad taste - “peeping” of underwear from under the dress;
  • in no case do not buy underwear of a smaller or larger size - this will make the figure unaesthetic (small things crash into the body, those that are large - hang and give the outside formlessness to the silhouette);
  • perfect ensembles accurately repeat your bends;
  • tight-fitting dresses are worn with underwear of a smooth texture, which is best of the corrective type.

The best choice is a discreet color palette.

Advice! If lingerie shines through thin clothes, then the combination of their color scheme should be perfect.

When planning to hit your man, consider the advice of psychologists and give preference to white and red colors . Refuse pink, yellow and bodily, frankly overwhelming the masculine.

Underwear is an important component of a women's wardrobe; it is better to purchase silk . Not only comfort, but also the inner well-being of every woman depends on the right choice. Treat yourself with love and buy only quality and beautiful things. This will increase self-esteem, and ensure you success in all areas of life.