Why does Queen Elizabeth carry her purse with her everywhere

Many rulers of past times were famous for their customs and traditions. If you were interested in history, then you can surely recall a couple of examples of unusual behavior and interesting habits. Different traditions could be associated with different events in life, personal preferences of the rulers or simply were important for them.

History influences modern life, it teaches a lot and allows us to avoid mistakes made in the past by our ancestors. However, it is much more interesting to observe modern people. Nowadays, rulers with unusual habits also exist. Since these people are always in sight, nothing is hidden from the public eye.

We will talk about the legendary and truly majestic person, about the Queen of Great Britain. Unveil the veil of secrecy and find out the secret of her royal purse with us.

Secrets in Queen Elizabeth's purse

You heard right, we will talk about a simple handbag, unless of course it is a simple handbag.

More recently, no one would have thought about such a trifle, but attentive observers noticed an amazing thing in the pictures. More often than not, the queen comes to events and business meetings with a small black bag, which she does not trust anyone but close associates and guards.

What could be so important and interesting inside the royal purse - we tried to find out during the investigation. Fortunately, we managed to find out some interesting facts that made it possible to open the veil of secrecy and answer the questions that arose. If you also want to know the riddle, join us and read on.

  • Elizabeth does not carry with her the usual things that are found in every handbag: passports, cash, car keys.
  • In the purse you can find a special stand for the bag, which the queen uses during important negotiations and business visits.
  • In addition, the bag contains photographs of children, crosswords (queen's favorite pastime at leisure), food for the queen's favorite dogs.
  • To maintain the image in the purse there are always menthol candies and a set of cosmetics (a gift from her husband, received 60 years ago).
  • But the main purpose of the bag is not to store the necessary things: with its help the queen gives special subtle signs for the servant. So, changing the position of the handbag, she can inform about the desire to end the conversation, change the subject or leave the room.

Important! Perhaps the royal purse still holds serious secrets or simple feminine accessories ... A woman should have a riddle, and the Queen of Great Britain is perfectly able to follow this rule.