Why does everyone think women over 50 don't wear thongs

G-string is a certain type of lingerie (panties), consisting of one triangle of smooth or lace fabric in front and a small fragment in the back. Between themselves they are connected by thin strips of elastic (lace) fabric.

It is generally accepted that thongs can only be worn by young women who have no problems with the figure and appearance of a woman. However, as practice shows, mature women who have reached 50 years of age cannot deny the pleasure of acquiring new underwear of a similar plan.

Do 50-year-olds wear thongs and bikinis

Previously, most women who crossed the threshold of Balzac’s age ceased to see themselves as a “woman”, not a grandmother or mother, but today, modern ladies “for 50” behave in a completely different way. Advanced and fashionable, they are happy to continue to monitor the appearance, care for the skin of the face and body, monitor the hair and condition of the nails. They devote more and more time to their personal interests and desires, forcing husbands to fall in love with themselves again or making new romantic relationships, not wanting to be alone.


The active lifestyle that today's mature ladies lead, suggests the choice of a certain style in clothing. Previously, a woman “over 50” wore only hoodie dresses, wide and long skirts in tandem with plain-looking all-weather sweaters. Modern fashion is arranged in such a way that a person of any age and physique can pick up a suitable outfit. Therefore, more and more often on the street you can meet a stylish and fashionable woman in age, dressed in tight-fitting clothes, but also hiding all the flaws of the figure.

One of the main stages in creating an image is choosing the right underwear and those who prefer to wear tight dresses or trousers even at an older age can not do without thong panties. Due to their design, they do not stand out under the fabric, continuing to perform basic functions. That is why often in the departments of lingerie for the selection of thongs and bikinis can be found both students and their grandmothers (according to age, but not life position).

Why women after 50 should not give up sexy lingerie

No wonder they say that it is impossible to love a person who does not value himself and does not respect himself. Indeed, it is difficult to pay attention to a woman who, having crossed the threshold of a certain age, has ceased to emphasize her natural sexuality, refusing to purchase beautiful underwear.

A great example for those who think that after 50 it is impossible to wear thongs and high heel shoes, became the British fashion model Nikola Griffin. Her participation in a provocative photo shoot for the Slink magazine, where she appeared in front of the photographer’s lens in one of her underwear that did not hide her particular features, became a real bomb. Before that, a fifty-six-year-old model took part in an advertisement for swimwear, which brought her considerable success and helped to win the love of millions of fans.

The story of Nikola Griffin proves that being on the threshold of the sixtieth birthday, you can wear sexy lingerie and look great in it. Of course, you should not lose sight of the useful recommendations of stylists that will help women who have problems with figure to choose the right clothes:

  1. The bra and panties should be sized. Too loose, or vice versa, small, they only spoil the overall look and cause a lot of inconvenience.
  2. To make the bikini and thong narrower, it is better to choose with an oversized fit.
  3. An excellent option that fits both under a dress and under trousers with a top is grace - combined panties and a bust, a type of underwear that perfectly tightens and corrects the figure.
  4. Panties for everyday wear should be sewn from natural, non-irritating fabrics. For special occasions, you can purchase satin and lace patterns.

How often and correctly to wear a thong when you are over 50

Despite the fact that older women can and even need to wear thongs and bikinis, doctors recommend using this type of underwear to a limited extent. This is explained by this:

  1. Most models of mini-panties are made of synthetics, which does not allow the skin of intimate places to freely “breathe”. In the summer, in the bikini area, a greenhouse can form due to this, which favorably affects the growth and reproduction of fungal infections and various bacteria. In conditions of age-related menopause, this is fraught with both a violation of microflora and the development of diseases of various severity.
  2. Frequent wearing of thongs provokes the development of cystitis and hemorrhoids. Inflammatory diseases of the urethra and irritation of the delicate skin of delicate places can be triggered by wearing tight and uncomfortable underwear, which often includes mini-panties.

Important! women who have problems with the health of the genitourinary system are not recommended to wear a thong.

Wearing a sexy thong or bikini, preferably several hours a day, putting them on tight-fitting clothes made of thin fabric. The rest of the time, it is necessary to give preference to more closed and convenient models.