Why does the bra lift up and rise up?

A well-fitting bra not only gives a woman a sense of comfort, makes her confident, literally adds a feeling of happiness. But this does not happen with every bra. It seems that I liked the model, and the quality of the product is good, and they tried on ... And we start to wear it, and suddenly it turns out that the bra lifts up when walking. It can rise either on the back or on the chest. Let's try to figure out why this is happening.

How should a bra sit

  • The belt should be fastened to the outermost loops, as it will stretch due to wear or washing.
  • On the body, the belt should be below the shoulder blades, in a straight line parallel to the floor .
  • Make sure the cups fit snugly against your chest .

Important! If the cups move with the jumper when turning the body, then a larger size is needed.

  • With the right size, the jumper fits snugly against the sternum .
  • Straps should not press, and at the same time should comfortably rest on their shoulders.
  • If the weight of the chest falls on the straps, this means that the bra belt is too large. Here you need to be very careful. Since the size of the bra belt is the same size, it can be very different from different manufacturers.

Why does the bra rise

And what happens in a situation that women call "a bra tore up"? Details of the bra begin to occupy an unusual position.

On the back

So on the back, the central part rises higher, violating the horizontal line. But the matter is not only in appearance. Wrong posture causes discomfort to a woman. And besides, the material of the product, rising, carries along the skin of the back. And forms folds on it, which are the decoration of the lady.

The reason for this is the error in the volume of the belt.


Even worse, according to many ladies, when a bra rises in front. The lower chest is below the calyx. This can be seen even through clothing. Agree, this does not look very attractive. And a woman, knowing this behind her underwear, has a constant desire to correct the product.

The reason that the bra rises in front is also a too large belt of the product or cups that are not suitable in size.

You can try the following test to make sure your bra is perfect for you. Raise your hands up, if you see that it rises in front, this is a sure sign that the belt is too large. The belt at the back lifts up, forming a rounded shape, forming unaesthetic folds, for the same reason, the bra belt is too large.

What to do?

As we have seen, the reason for the incorrect position of the laundry is associated with errors in the selection of the product.

Of course, you can try to remake the bra, achieving the desired size of the belt. But it will take a real craftswoman who knows how to work with underwear. If you simply make a crease from excess material, it can turn out to be rough, it will rub. It is unlikely that such a bra will appeal to its owner.

But it’s best to choose the right bra . You need to carefully try on the product, making sure that the bra sits so that there are no problems.

  • In order for the bra to fit perfectly, it is best to consult the seller in the store and check the correctness of the measurements.
  • Try on a few bras until you find the right size. Not all products are the same, even if they are the same size. Try a few bras of your size until you find one that fits your chest perfectly.
  • See if you can fasten the bra belt on the farthest hook.
  • When putting on a bra, keep the belt below the shoulder blades so that it remains in place.

We hope that now you will be able to buy yourself a bra that will never bully.