Why do women prefer sneakers to heels

While sorting shoes in my closet, I suddenly realized that in recent years I have increasingly preferred sneakers. It seems that the time has come for radical changes - comfort comes to the fore. Interestingly, is this my personal choice or a general trend?

Are Heel Sneakers Serious?

Sneakers are comfortable and versatile! Fashion allows you to wear them not only with jeans and t-shirts. They are easily combined with dresses, skirts and tunics. But, despite the obvious pluses, some continue to endure daily torment, supporting the image of the fatal beauty.

In fairness, it must be said that many contemporaries were inspired by examples of fashionable “style icons” and heroines of popular TV shows . For example, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City didn’t go out without stilettos even to walk the dog.

But high-heeled shoes are completely unsuitable for everyday life : it’s hard to even stand in them, not to mention long walks. After a whole day spent on stilettos, the legs always “thank” us with pain and swelling.

But in order to impress men, seem slimmer and taller, women continue to make sacrifices. But is it really necessary?

Reference! Statistics confirm: high-heeled shoes are losing their popularity. Over the year, its sales fell by 12% - residents of megacities choose comfortable shoes.

It turns out that not only working women started to part with heels, but also everyone who had never imagined living without them.

Women's sneakers as a fashion trend

The reason for the popularity of sports shoes is in relation to fashion designers. And they made sneakers a fashion trend . Therefore, the ladies calmly put them on: why not, if it is fashionable.

The popularity of running shoes has several reasons.

Variety of choices

Another huge plus of sports shoes: there is always something to choose from. There are infinitely many comfortable models of sneakers ! I am sure that even the hottest fan of skirts and dresses will easily find a suitable pair. Any fashionista will appreciate the benefits: such shoes can be combined with things in any style.

Sneakers finally ceased to be considered exclusively an element of a sports wardrobe . They can be used in any outfit outfit and worn with little to no removal. How it does, for example, ardent Reebok fan Gigi Hadid. It is not necessary to acquire luxurious specimens from expensive brands: even stars often wear models from the mass market. The same Rita Dakota easily combines sneakers of unknown brands with summer skirts and crop tops. New models go on sale regularly; there will definitely not be a shortage of choice.

The possibility of combinations is not limited!

Who says sneakers can't look romantic or sexy? In my opinion, there is nothing easier than combining them with sophisticated, feminine things, elegant tops in a linen style, translucent dresses . The image is bright, piquant and always - special.

Actual sport chic allows you to combine sneakers with different glamorous little things, trench coats, raincoats .

In the popular direction of street style, they also became the main trend. Lovers of classics should not refuse comfortable shoes - sneakers are simply irresistible in such a tandem!

Important! White shoes this season are an absolute hit.

We look at celebrities! Cindy Kimberly loves wearing light dresses with white Converse.

And Dua Lipa gladly combines sundresses decorated with delicate ruffles with white wedge sneakers.

Not sure what to choose? Make no mistake if you stop at the white Nike Air Force - this is already a classic.

Sneakers are good for leg health

Don't underestimate the scale of change. For most women, sneakers have become an absolute replacement for other shoes - dozens of pairs of beautiful shoes are left to gather dust in the closet. This is not only a fashionable trend: it is a special comfort that is always with you, wherever you go. And what is especially pleasing, in sneakers you can stay calm for the health of your favorite legs . They will take a hit on themselves and survive any load. In them you can not be afraid of moisture and dirt, it is easy to overcome obstacles without spending hours feeling tired.

This picture is not good: part of the text is gone! - N.K.

Of course, not every couple will withstand the harsh tests, so you have to choose carefully. High-quality shoes can be recognized by multi-layer soles.

Important! The outer layer, which accounts for the main load, must be rigid. Medium - shock absorbing, internal - soft and porous. Too thin outsole can not cope with the protection of the legs from damage.

A good sole is always amenable to bending at the toe, and the insole has a cushion or arch support inside. This is a guarantee that the legs will not get tired, and the foot is not deformed.

Sneakers: comfortable, practical, democratic

If you can walk around all day in super-comfortable shoes, who will voluntarily spoil your life and put on uncomfortable ones? Other shoes run the risk of being completely out of work! Now there are suitable sneakers for both heat and frost .

  • Nike offers new Breath technology for summer models (breathable upper combined with a lightweight foam sole). As well as insulated, waterproof, anti-slip options for winter.
  • Adidas are pleased with the practical Energy Boost models that are weatherproof.

Surely in the near future we will hear about new versions with heating that can withstand even the lowest temperatures.

The popularity of sneakers is understandable and, I think, is associated with an acceleration in the pace of life, a growing need for convenience.

Modern residents of large cities who do everything on the run abandoned shoes as an obsolete and unnecessary attribute, gladly replacing them with sneakers. What is especially nice - a woman of any age can afford such changes .

It seems that the era of high heels will soon be forever in the past. And it makes me incredibly happy: I want to go through life freely, really enjoying every minute!