Why do towels smell bad after washing?

How would you like to keep pleasant sensations of the smell of freshness and purity for a long time after taking a fragrant bath. But it was not there. The pleasure of getting a magic hygiene procedure instantly disappears when we start to wipe ourselves with a towel. So what is the matter here, and how to eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon, read on.

Three main reasons why towels stink after washing

Where does this smell come from, which does not allow us to prolong the euphoria after a shower and causes negative emotions?

Reason 1

One source may be increased humidity in the bathroom . After washing or showering towels for a long time are in this room without the influx of air and ventilation. During drying on the looped texture of bath towels, a huge number of microorganisms multiply, which are the source of disgusting amber.

Reason 2

The presence of fungus in the washing machine with insufficient care. After each washing process, it is necessary to wipe it inside and out with a thoroughly dry soft cloth to prevent it from appearing. And leave the drum door open for the night without fail. In addition, your assistant needs periodic cleaning of the detergent drawer and cleaning the filter.

Reason 3

Improper washing, drying and lack of ironing, which contributes to the emergence of microbes and fungal spores in products made of linen and terry cloth. As a result, the fabric smells unpleasant.

How to cope with an unpleasant odor?

To return to its former freshness will help several ways.

Boil towels

Perhaps this secret was still owned by our grandmothers. Indeed, at that time science did not know automatic machine wash, the industry produced devices with squeeze rollers. But they were accessible only to some elite sections of the population. And therefore, our ancestors had to wash in basins and troughs, helping to improve the process with the help of boards and boiling.

So we advise you to return to this exceptional tool in order to bring the linen in proper form:

  • first, find a large pot or galvanized tank (although this is now very rare, but suddenly somewhere on the mezzanine was lying around);
  • fill two-thirds with cold water;
  • add 100 g of soda, 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3%, 100 g of household soap 72%, grated on a coarse grater, and 50 ml of oxygen means to remove stains;
  • mix everything well and fold the towels so that when boiling, the solution does not spill over the edge;
  • cover and boil for an hour.

Then stretch in the car for the “boiling” function, additionally adding vinegar diluted in half with water to the air conditioning compartment. Your towels will become soft and volume, even stains will disappear.

Important! First check the linen for staining strength so that during boiling it does not lose color and does not stain other things.

Use alkali or chlorine

If the previous method is unacceptable to you for any reason, we suggest that you try to get rid of bacteria and fungi with the help of preparations containing chlorine. Special tablets or solutions, for example, whiteness, are added when washing in a machine the dosage recommended on the package . Operating mode for at least 120 minutes at a temperature of 40 to 60 degrees. Previously, you can soak in it for a couple of hours, then squeeze and transfer to the machine.

A very effective way with a lye that gives softness to textiles, like after an air conditioner. Again, returning to the methods of washing in the old days, then the usual ash from the furnace performed the bleaching and disinfecting properties. In addition to these qualities, it improves the structure of the fabric and retains color. At the same time, it is perfectly washed and rinsed, without leaving extraneous odors. The only drawback is the complexity of the preparation, when you have to fill it and insist for a long time. And not everyone has the opportunity to get ash.

The use of vinegar and soda

The most convenient and affordable way, and quite effective. It is necessary to pre-soak in a solution at the rate of one glass of 9% vinegar in eight liters of water. After 60 minutes, squeeze and wash as usual.

You can immediately send it to the typewriter without soaking, pouring a glass of vinegar before it and falling asleep the same amount of baking soda . Turn on the boil function without using detergents. At the time of maximum heating of the water, stop washing for 60 minutes, then add powder or gel. Rinse at the end of the procedure twice.

The difference in care between bath towels and kitchen towels

Cotton and linen kitchen towels require more frequent and thorough washing. There should always be two, one for hands and the second for dishes. If your family consists of three or more people, then you need to change them daily. Be sure to use ironing as hot as possible .

Bath towels are allowed to be washed 1-2 times a week. Some people prefer to use them once, subjecting them to more frequent washing.

Proper drying

And again we return to the topic of drying clothes. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • try to dry wet things in well-ventilated places, preferably in the sun, as UV rays kill bacteria;
  • if you do not have a balcony, dry with open windows in the summer and next to the battery in the winter;
  • some housewives under a floor dryer lay out scented napkins or essential oils, which impregnate linen with their smell;
  • Do not throw towels in a basket or cabinet when wet.
  • After use, place them to dry on a heated towel rail or battery.

How to store towels so that they do not smell damp?

Do not clog the departments in the closet to failure. Any tissue should “breathe” . Even if you have several family members, consider options for placing clothes in a looser position. A very good effect is given to the analysis and release from unnecessary items of clothing that can be given or sold.

If you come across shelves with perforations, be sure to purchase them. Make small flavored sachets or buy ready-made ones with any herbs or oils you like. Place them between your underwear and enjoy the wonderful scents.