Why do stars put sons on dresses?

In the modern world, you can often meet boys who are dressed in women's dresses. For others, this situation is absolutely unacceptable, which is why such people are treated with some contempt.

Most often, boys in women's clothes are dressed by those who do not have enough money for new, full-fledged clothes. The only way to support a child is to dress him in the clothes of his eldest daughter or to get it from friends. However, in Western countries, the habit of dressing children in non-standard clothes is still there, but they are already doing it by world stars who have huge financial incomes.

Which celebrity dresses sons in dresses

So, for example, recently the paparazzi caught the Hollywood actress Megan Fox with her husband and two sons - Noah and Bodhi. Noah is four years old, and he is only a year older than his younger brother. It was his outfit that confused those around him, because the child was wearing a long blue dress.

From far away, Noah could easily be mistaken for a girl, because he had long, fluffy hair that hung from his shoulders. This situation in the Megan family is far from the first, because several years ago the actress dressed her son in a costume of the Disney cartoon princess.

A more mature actress, Charlize Theron, followed exactly the same path, only her son, Jackson, walks daily in women's dresses. Judging by the variety of dresses in which he is seen, the boy has already gathered a huge collection that any girl will envy. Jackson's most memorable outfit is the image of Princess Belle, the main character of the cartoon Beauty and the Beast.

Another example is singer Adele. Despite the fact that the girl does not share photos of her son with fans, the public was still able to capture the strange behavior of the singer. So, the journalists took photos where Adele walks with her son Angelo, who is dressed in the dress of Anna, a character from the animated film "Frozen". By the way, Adele has repeatedly admitted in her interviews that she always listens to her boy and will support any of his choices.

Why do stars dress sons in dresses?

The main reason for this behavior of celebrities is their own choice of children. Parents are simply trying to raise their children in complete freedom, so they always go to meet them. In Western countries, there are widespread cases when a child cannot decide what gender he wants to be. For residents of Russia, such situations are simply unacceptable, however, some stars also follow the example of Europeans.

So, for example, the Russian TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku also raises her children outside the box. In her social networks, the girl often shares photos of the boy Seraphim, who has long luxurious hair and is almost always dressed in skirts or dresses.

The reason for this behavior can also be just an attempt to stand out in order to gain popularity. The more attention and talk around the star - the more she will have popularity. Despite the negative public reaction, the number of fans of such stars will always grow. Moreover, it is now fashionable to demonstrate adherence to certain views, which can also be the cause of strange behavior of parents.

What psychologists say

The opinions of psychologists in this situation were divided, some believe that children should be completely free, that parents should not impose on them what they want to become . It is important to be able to correctly assess the psychology of the child, after which it is necessary to help him open up in this image. It happens that a girl is born in the body of a boy and nothing can be done about it. But such a feeling can be deceiving, so with such a child you should turn to a psychoanalyst who will conduct an accurate analysis and tell you what psychological gender the child has.

Other psychologists, on the contrary, completely reject this opinion, believing that the child’s psychology directly depends on the influence of his parents . The main thing in this matter is the correct upbringing, which should correspond to the usual norms. You must be able to choose the right activity for your children, which will be to their liking. But if nevertheless such a situation has developed, then it is also necessary to consult a psychologist.

So that the boy does not become feminine, you do not need to dress him in women's dresses, even if you do it as a joke. Also, one should not treat him too softly and pamper him constantly, the best way of upbringing is to introduce him to sports.