Why do some men wear lace on their belts?

Sometimes there are men who wear a string under their clothes tied around a belt. Everyone answers the mute question in different ways: tradition, amulet from evil forces, religious belief or fashion. I would like to figure it out and find out if this is a new fashion or a well-forgotten superstition of ancient peoples.

Background: Who wore the lace for what?

To understand the matter, you have to look deep into the past.

Pagan traditions

This custom came from pagan tribes, for which the abdomen was associated with life.

Reference! Among the Slavs in those days, “stomach” literally meant “life”.

That is why belts were a very important and sought-after element of clothing. They protected the vital area from evil spirits and evil spirits . The tied belt became a symbol of the ring, which was considered a strong amulet.

It is not without reason that in the pictures illustrating those times, one can see a person in an ordinary shirt, over which a belt is worn.

Reference! It was believed that the belt separates a clean and smart upper body from the lower, more carnal, less intelligent. The belt was equal in strength and importance to the pectoral cross. Both subjects were not removed even at night.

Embroidered amulet

Girls perceived this question even more sharply. Therefore, this item of clothing for them was almost key. If there was an opportunity to decorate the belt with an embroidered pattern, a beautiful ornament or some additional decorations, no one neglected this opportunity.

The pattern for the belt was chosen with meaning. It should strengthen the protective capabilities of the amulet from the lace .

The tradition of our time: why do they wear lace today

In modern times, when paganism is a thing of the past, you can still see men wearing a belt or lace on their torso under their clothes. Of course, these are just accessories, however, to this day they have a certain meaning. It is worn by modern fans of Slavic deities. Muslim shoelaces are also found, and Jews also wear them.

Color matters

Men, for whom the lace on the belt is still a mascot, consider its color important. They compare shades with various natural forces, as the ancient Slavs did.

  • White symbolized the air, the sun, the pure thoughts of the owner.
  • Red, which had the color of blood, was known as the source of life, love.

Reference! It is believed that the red lace will protect the man from hex, protect from the evil eye. And also protect from infidelity. Especially if such a lace was presented to the spouse by the wife.

  • Green as the color of all plant, nature and naturalness, helped restore strength and health.
  • Black was intended for harsh and brutal men to maintain and increase their strength.

Thus, a tradition that dates back to ancient times, when people worshiped idols and various deities, continues its life in our days.