Why do not everyone know how to dress beautifully?

You should not ask a woman a question whether she wants to look stylish and fashionable. Naturally, each of us wants this! But you will pay attention to the faceless crowd on the street and immediately understand that the ability to dress well is not accessible to everyone. A variety of colors, a mixture of styles, a combination of incongruous - all this can be easily seen on the streets of any city in our country. At the same time, people try to buy clothes that stand out as much as possible, but cost less. Usually, large rhinestones, bright colors, frills, ruffles and other decorative elements that are not suitable for everyone are used. Why is it that not all people have a sense of style, and can this be learned? Let's try to figure it out.

Reasons that interfere with dressing well

Each of our compatriots has the opportunity to dress beautifully and attractively without choosing stunningly bright or too open models. Shops are filled with various models and styles, among which you can certainly find your own. But there are certain reasons that prevent people from dressing in stylish clothes.

Among the main reasons for the inability to dress attractively distinguish:

  • conservatism;
  • financial starvation;
  • inability to make the right choice and combine wardrobe items;
  • psychological complexes and constriction.

Important ! There is also the opinion of others, which is also one of the main selection criteria. Each person wants to not only like himself in the mirror, but also to draw attention to himself.

In order to get rid of complexes and learn how to dress properly, you need to understand several principles for the correct shopping in stores. After all, even with a limited budget and conservative views on the wardrobe, you can dress stylishly.

Traditions of the past

The nature of us has a sense of harmony and balance in everything, but education brings its own corrections. People who grew up in the Soviet Union had conservative views on clothes and the habit of a large shortage of wardrobe items in stores. And today they are faced with the fact that they cannot move away from this Soviet “heritage”.

“Clothing should look modest and not stand out: nothing in color, not in style, nor in length.” These are the principles of the illiterate compilation of the everyday image with the constriction and conservatism of man.

Important ! “Thanks” to the idea that clothes should be more modest, densely stuck in my head, women daily choose faceless things of dark colors for themselves, in which the same “modest people” are lost in the crowd.

Financial constraints

High-quality and branded clothing is quite expensive. Not every person can afford such expenses. However, choosing between cheap and low-quality wardrobe items, which you can buy quite a lot, and a pair of T-shirts from a famous boutique, you need to give preference to the brand.

The clothes of well-known companies and fashion designers are distinguished by quality, only natural materials are used. This makes it possible not only to look beautiful, but also to feel comfortable. After all, clothing does not constrain movements and allows the body to “breathe”.

Inability to choose and combine

Another problem of a modern woman may be the inability to choose a suitable model in a boutique. And also combine it with existing things in the wardrobe. Self-respecting stores always have consultants who will help you choose clothes and correctly combine them.

However, do not rely on someone else's sense of style. It is better to objectively evaluate your own appearance and sort out your wardrobe. And only after that go shopping. The best way is to make a list of those things that are not enough to combine a basic wardrobe.

Subsequently, the girl will be able to independently compose images, successfully combining the chosen things and complementing them with stylish accessories. You should also not neglect fashion magazines and online publications devoted to fashion and style. Experienced designers give practical advice on how to dress fashionably and attractively.

Psychological complexes and constriction

This is the most dangerous problem, since in a psychological plan a person can have some features. In particular, to be shy and try to look as inconspicuous on the street as possible. There can be many reasons for this behavior, and we need to actively fight them.

Important ! If it is impossible to cope with this problem on your own, you can contact a professional psychologist who helps to solve problems with self-perception.

On the network today there are many psychological trainings and other practices that help to relax. This must be done, including with the help of clothing. The main thing is to feel attractive and try to emphasize all the advantages.

Inability to dress well is forever?

Many women give up and do not make any effort to look attractive. They believe that they do not have a sense of style and a certain taste. In fact, this is completely wrong.

Every woman by nature has a subtle intuition, which extends to the style of dressing . If you exclude blind adherence to fashion standards and listen to the advice of professionals and your own thoughts, you can create your own individual image. And then maintain it with wardrobe items. In this case, the woman will know exactly what to purchase in the boutique of stylish clothes.