Why do men tuck t-shirts in jeans?

Tuck a t-shirt in jeans? “But how could it be otherwise, ” representatives of the older generation will answer, following the fashion of their youth. Do not be afraid to follow their advice - look around. This is how the usual knitted T-shirts of a man wear. We will understand why they put them on in this way.

T-shirt in jeans - it's fashionable again!

This way of combining the details of the costume already has a story.

How did tradition come about?

This image was formed under the influence of a blue screen of the 70–80s (partly - and 90s!). J. Nicholson and P. Swayze, M. Brando (pictured) and B. Willis dressed like that!

IMPORTANT! Imitating Hollywood beauties, you should pay attention to your own physical form! Perhaps it is worth starting the construction of a fashionable image from the gym? A fit torso looks advantageous with any way of wearing fashionable things.

New century - new trends

The situation has changed to zero. T-shirts became shorter and wider, and trying to hide their edges under the tightest belt became ineffective.

A somewhat frustrated look and stylish baggy have long been a trend. And now there remains the opportunity to adhere to a similar style in connection with the fashion for oversize.

Revival of tradition

However, an alternative is still outlined!

REFERENCE! The fashionable trend of the end of the second decade of the new century is the narrowed model of a T-shirt, the bottom of which is hidden in jeans (not necessarily with a belt).

The image is winning if special requirements are met:

  • accuracy;
  • sportiness;
  • compliance with the selected "partners" in the ensemble.

TIP! If you want to experiment and apply a new fashion trend to your wardrobe, it is better to start with the simplest white models.

How to tuck a t-shirt in jeans to look stylish

Renouncing the recent tradition of wearing the upper hand, it is worth considering a number of rules. and they all come down to one thing: dressed-up clothes are a sign of following the canons of the classical style and close to that. The wardrobe should be made up of matching elements. Any negligence is excluded!

IMPORTANT! Ripped jeans are not suitable for a top tucked into them.

What t-shirt to choose

Explicit preference - to the best of tight-fitting monophonic things. No prints are acceptable yet, be it the logo of your favorite musical group or the inscription “I love Katya and borsch!”.

How to choose accessories

It is under the T-shirt that in this case it is necessary to select details that should not interrupt the "soloist".

Special requirements are presented to a belt . It does not have to be catchy. Classics of the genre:

  • black - under the thing of bright colors;
  • brown - under light shades.

IMPORTANT! A massive bright buckle is obvious for other cases, otherwise a stylish image will not work.

Similar requirements apply to bags and watches: classic or close to it.

How To Wear a T-shirt Dressed In Jeans

So to sit on the figure! And this does not mean over-tightness, even if the torso does not stand out with “decorations” like a beer belly or insufficiently muscular chest. Without baggy, but with a small layer of air - perfect!

TIP! Sometimes it's hard to choose a size. Especially when the most suitable is somewhere between too tight and too loose. The type of fabric should be considered: cotton and synthetic things of the same size will sit differently!

  • Choosing a jacket or jacket under a T-shirt, it is better to choose the most contrasting colors .
  • The option with rolled up sleeves or a raised collar is inappropriate .
  • Special requirements - for jeans. Categorically not suitable as a skinny, and "pipe". Classic straight fit, traditional blue and blue colors combined with classic boots (Chelsea fit).

And the fashionable and stylish look is ready!