Why do I need a man's clutch

Every man strives to look stylish and fashionable. Not only clothes, but also accessories help in this. Now, for example, a clutch created especially for the stronger sex is becoming increasingly relevant.

Purpose of a man's clutch

In fact, this accessory is a wallet, only its capacity is greater. Keeping compact parameters, it is practical and universal .

It is convenient to carry in it not only money, but also a mobile phone, keys, documents and other useful small things. The accessory allows you to organize personal items and always keep them with you.

In addition, it can become an indicator of belonging to the world of prosperous people. Exclusive and expensive models emphasize the status and impeccable taste of its owner.

Important! You can’t lose the clutch, because it is in him that the man wears all the most valuable. Otherwise, there is a risk of being left without money, a car and not getting into the apartment.

Types of Men's Clutches

Many consumers mistakenly believe that all models for men are the same. However, the line of well-known brands has various designs that differ in color palette, decoration and design decision.


This convenient option allows you to store both coins and paper banknotes and other securities. The accessory has many compartments and closes with a zipper .


This is a typical rectangular handbag of the optimal size for most men. Thanks to her, all the necessary items and documents will always be with you .


The products have a convenient handle that allows you to completely free your hands. Freedom of movement is also provided by special straps.

Reference! The model is chosen by men who are active. With this accessory you can even go for a walk in the park, in the gym and at any time get to work.

For phone

There are high-tech products manufactured specifically to protect portable equipment from loss or physical damage . In this case, the clutch can have many compartments, for example, for coins.


This model fits easily on the belt and makes it possible to leave hands free.

What to consider when choosing a male clutch

At first glance it might seem that choosing a clutch is quite simple. Initially, this thing was the subject of a female wardrobe. Therefore, it is important to indicate the masculinity of this accessory.

When choosing a product, it is worth paying attention to some nuances.


The most comfortable are black and all shades of brown . With their help, you can make the maximum number of onions.


It is better to give preference to high - quality natural materials . Sometimes it’s better to overpay and get an exclusive that will last for many years.

Many young people regard the purchase of a clutch as an investment in their image. After all, things made of genuine leather always emphasize the success of their owner.

Important! Lacquered textures are more suitable for a female audience.

The size

A large model is suitable for business people who carry a lot of necessary things with them.

For a meeting with friends, a date or dinner in a restaurant, a more compact version is quite appropriate.

How to wear a men's clutch

Costly models made of genuine leather will look best with a business suit or casual clothing. In general, designers are very loyal and allow you to improvise.

There are a number of unspoken rules for wearing a men's accessory.

  • It is important to comply with a certain style and try not to combine several styles at once .
  • To look neat, you need to maintain a neat appearance on the product .

Tip . Wipe the product periodically and spray with a special spray.

  • Do not stuff the clutch with a lot of things, so that it does not seem too bloated.
  • Brand things should be combined with luxury accessories. A cheap suit in combination with an expensive product will look strange and ridiculous.
  • For sports style, it is important to choose the appropriate model. Trend accessory and clothing should be in the same style.
  • The color of the outfit and clutch can be combined with each other . For example, when choosing a suit of dark blue color, the accessory may be the same shade.

Important! The contrasting colors of clothes and accessories are selected if they want to focus on it.

The clutch emphasizes the high status and solidity of the owner. This product has become a worthy alternative to less capacious wallets and purses. Successful men are increasingly paying attention to this stylish and modern accessory.