Why do I need a glove for a graphics tablet

A graphic tablet combines art and technological progress. It allows you to draw electronic paintings that are no different from masterpieces on canvas.

Thanks to him, our children watch colorful cartoons and can learn to draw without leaving their computer. Moreover, such a skill will come in handy in the future.

He only has a minus, by the way it is similar to the inconvenience when drawing on canvas - a touching hand leaves stains during work and smudges the work surface. And it happens that due to sweating, the work becomes uncomfortable, the hand glides poorly, and this interferes with the clear transfer of the picture.

Graphic tablet glove

To solve the problem of poor sliding and dirty surfaces, we came up with a special glove for a graphics tablet. Today it can be bought separately, and with some models of the device it is included.

The price, depending on the material and manufacturer, varies from 300 to 1000 rubles. If there is no way to buy, it can be made at home. Read about it below.

Features of working with a tablet

IMPORTANT! Drawing on the device resembles drawing on a regular canvas. Only for the tablet to work, you need to connect it to a computer or laptop. Install drivers and download a drawing program. He is also able to replace the mouse.

Graphic tablets come in 2 types:

  • plastic board. You draw with a stylus on it, and the image is transferred to the computer screen;
  • tablet with a screen. To work, it also needs to be connected to a computer, but the image appears directly on the tablet screen.

REFERENCE! The stylus is a pencil for drawing on the working surface of the device. Old models run on batteries, new ones do not require recharging.

Despite the difference, the principle of operation for both tablets is the same. Only permissions are different. The simplest model will have a resolution of 2-2.5 thousand lines per inch. For advanced users, resolution starts at 5, 000 lines per inch. The price also rises accordingly - without a screen and with a small resolution of 5-10 thousand rubles; with a screen and high resolution - from 100 thousand rubles.

IMPORTANT! When working, it is important to set up a program for Photoshop or drawing. If you do not set the brush mode, when you press the stylus, the strip on the screen will be the same thickness. If you configure the program correctly, the thickness of the line on the screen will depend on the strength of pressing the stylus.

Why the glove

When working with a graphics tablet, an important factor is sliding your hands. The stylus transmits images quickly, so for a clear picture you need smooth movements. If the hand sweats and glides poorly, the picture turns out to be intermittent and learning to draw beautifully, and even more professionally, will be difficult.

A glove with one or two fingers is needed so that the hand slides and does not dirty the work surface. Three fingers remain free to hold the stylus comfortably. They are made of soft material, sometimes from lycra and at the same time polish the screen.

TIP! If there are no special gloves, you can make them yourself. Take cotton gloves and cut off their thumb, index and middle fingers.