Why do English women rarely change bedding

We are used to keeping the bedroom clean as a regular procedure. According to statistics, washing clothes in the homes of Russians occurs at least once a week. And how often do they wash clothes in other countries?

Laundry and English Mistresses

Those who have been to Europe know that among Europeans, a dirty head or shoes are in the order of things. If you look at their way of life, then some things will be stupid or even shock the ordinary Russian person. Washing does not take much time, as things are washed either rarely or in the laundry room. The least time is given for washing bedding.

Oddly enough, washing clothes in England is much less common than in Russia. Mistresses in England wash bedding no more than 1 time per month, or even less. Approximately 500, 000 housewives wash bedding only once a year, only every fifth person in the UK does this every month.

Reference! According to statistics, the higher the hostess's age, the less often the laundry is done. The overwhelming majority of the most unscrupulous housewives fall on pensioners from the rural part of the population.

Most people prefer to change bedding about once every three months. Wash a little more often in the summer when the weather is hot. A weekly procedure is performed only for the youngest members of the family - children.

The cleanliness of bed linen also applies in neighboring countries: Germany and France. Europeans are often surprised to learn that their Russian neighbor will wash clothes every week. Therefore, most Europeans prefer to sleep in closed pajamas, rather than in light panties or even naked. Sometimes remodeling of a bed is neglected even when it is stained with food or drinks. For example, if a pet causes a stain, or someone accidentally spills morning coffee - in the best case, the stain is simply washed and left to dry. Less clean - just dry.

Why do English women wash bedding so rarely?

Although Europeans are not very clean, they are economical. Yes, it’s all about saving water. To ask clean dishes from neighbors in the UK is a common thing, and constantly keeping the water on while taking a shower is an inadmissible luxury. Therefore, linen is washed no more than once a month. Moreover, bedding of all family members at once.

Materials for bedding in Europe are used slightly different than in Russia, and its color is most often gray or dark blue. English women do not use bright linen with various prints, even in children's bedrooms. This allows the laundry to look fresh long enough.

Such water savings are due to high utility tariffs, as well as an attitude to resources. Indeed, the British are less clean, but also less wasteful. Some begin to think: is there any sense in changing bed linen more often than once a month? Each hostess herself watches her home. A rare change of bed linen can cause an unpleasant odor, greasy sheets and pillows and a large number of bed bugs.

If you come to visit England and stay overnight, you don’t need to be surprised if you are provided with a bed in which someone slept before you a month ago, or if you put in a bed a family member who has gone for a week. Whether this is good or bad is up to you.